Our Terms of Use

Introduction 1.

Campalow.com provides information and services related to campgrounds, campsites, RV parking areas, bungalows, adventure parks, commercial businesses and other services. www.campalow.com (“Site”) for those who are looking for a camping place on the website and social media accounts (“campers”) the most suitable camping area, caravan parking area, bungalow houses helps them find adventure parks, experience sites, other accommodation and service areas. The information shared on our site and social media accounts is not within the scope of travel consultancy.

The information in the comments and question and answer section expresses the opinions of the site visitors. Visitors can write comments and questions as members or anonymously. The information on the site and social media channels may be out of date, inaccurate or incomplete. The management and authors of www.campalow.com are not responsible for any direct and/or indirect damages, costs, moral damages and damages incurred by third parties that may arise due to errors, incompleteness, inconsistency in the information on the site and social media channels.

The information we use to describe accommodation and leisure activities on our websites and apps (including prices, fees, terms and conditions, availability) is largely based on information provided to us from relevant campsite owners, users or third parties, and information obtained from publicly available sources. .

Each campground owner / service provider has the opportunity to edit their campsite details and add images, videos, comments, answers. He can also purchase additional packages for a fee to promote his campsite / facility / business. The site is not responsible for the information declared by the campground owner.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Member

Member status starts when the membership form on the Site is filled with real information in line with the requested information and/or the Member logs in via his Facebook account, Google account, Linkedin account and accepts this Agreement. Member agrees to receive e-mails and SMS from the Site with the start of member status. Membership process will be completed by clicking the verification link that will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Member and/or to the mobile phone if shared, or by performing another verification process. In order to gain membership status, the applicant must be over the age of 18.

The Site may reject Member applications at its sole discretion and without any reason, or may make the acceptance of the Member's application subject to additional terms and conditions. The acceptance or rejection of the Member's application by the Site cannot be interpreted as the Site's approval of the Member or the information submitted by the Member.

The member is personally responsible for the use and management of all information, including accounts, user name, email and password that allow the use of the Site. Every transaction performed with the account, user name, email and password belonging to the Member will be deemed to have been carried out by the Member himself, and the Member will be solely responsible for the damages incurred by the Member and/or third parties due to the use, loss or change of hands by a person other than the Member.

The member cannot transfer the created accounts, user name, e-mail and password and membership profiles to another user under any conditions or allow their use by third parties. A single account can be opened by the Member, and if the Member opens more than one account under the same name or other names, all or a part of the Member's accounts, along with all their content, can be deleted by the Site.

The Site may organize various campaigns and similar applications for Members from time to time. Within these applications, discounts on the fees of the services to be offered on the Site, free provision of services or similar gains can be made, and the conditions for each application will be published on the Site or social media accounts. The Member accepts that such applications and making use of them are at the sole discretion of the Site and that the execution of such applications does not constitute a commitment on behalf of the Site, and that the Site can always take back the gains in this context.

The member will comply with the conditions, law, morality and good manners, honesty principles that may be published on the Site from time to time with this Agreement, in all transactions to be performed on the Site, and in acts that may prevent the functioning of the Site by any method, violate or violate the rights of third parties. will not engage in dangerous acts.

The member states that the information and content in his/her account or uploaded to the Site by himself/herself are complete, correct and legal, not misleading, and that the communications he/she makes with other parties within the Site and the comments he/she shares on the Site are defamatory, defamatory, defamatory, defamatory, insulting. accepts and undertakes that such content will not be against the law or morality such as slander, threat or harassment, and that these contents will not cause any violation of rights, including intellectual property rights and personality rights of third parties. Content shared on the Site by the Member, in particular this article, and contrary to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the other terms and conditions on the Site, may be removed from the Site, and the Member's ability to benefit from the Site may be partially or completely suspended due to such content.< /p>

3.Site Copyrights

Law No. 5846 on the Protection of Intellectual and Artistic Works (On Site Copyrights) Legal Warning:

Pictures, texts, comments, questions and other information on the site cannot be copied, reproduced, moved, quoted, shared without permission, with or without profit. Even if the information on the site is accessed by other means from outside the site, the above conditions are valid. Works of which rights are reserved cannot be reproduced, quoted, published or used elsewhere in any way without the consent of their owners.