Yıldırımtepe Köyü Kamp Alanı

Yıldırımtepe Köyü Kamp Alanı





One of the miraculous routes where you will witness the lush green texture of nature is Yıldırımtepe Village. Yıldırımtepe Village, located within the borders of Çıldır in Ardahan, is frequently visited every season of the year thanks to its fascinating landscape that has managed to preserve its naturalness for years. You can take precious nature photos in Yıldırımtepe Village, which hosts magnificent mountains of all sizes. Yıldırımtepe Village, which has become an indispensable route for travelers, is also a frequent destination for campers. Yıldırımtepe Village, with its easy transportation route and magnificent view, is preferred for both tent and caravan camps in all seasons, including summer and winter seasons.

One of the points that make Yıldırımtepe Village Campground, which is a short distance from Çıldır town center, is its historical ruins. Thanks to the historical ruins of the region, you can travel to the valuable pages of the past while camping. When you start from the town center of Çıldır, you can take a long nature walk around Çıldır Lake, Devil Castle and Yıldırımtepe Village on the route to witness the natural beauties of a city. The proximity of the village to the center of Çıldır makes picnic activities possible for the locals, while providing campers with facilities such as a market and a grocery store. Therefore, since there are no special facilities in Yıldırımtepe Village Camping Area, you can meet your needs during the camp from Çıldır town center, which you will reach at the end of a 2 km drive.

There are many activities that you can explore in Yıldırımtepe Village Campground, which is frequently visited by local people, travelers and campers for touristic purposes. You can plan photography, trekking or a city trip, taking advantage of the untouched natural beauties of the camping area. You can also have a picnic at the Yıldırımtepe Village Campground, which you have come to complete. Yıldırımtepe Village impresses those who see it with its autumn and winter scenery as well as in summer and spring. Therefore, when snow falls on the mountains of Ardahan, you can complete your snow equipment completely and make a winter camp in Yıldırımtepe Village Camping Area.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Caravan park area

Firewood available


Wooded Area