Yazıköy Plaj ve Kamp Alanı

Yazıköy Plaj ve Kamp Alanı





If you are looking for a camping place to relax your soul while getting away from the pace of life, you can choose Yazıköy Beach on holiday. You can spend a quiet and peaceful holiday in the camping area, which is approximately 32 km from Datça city center, where you will integrate with nature. You can reach the campsite, where you will relax both mentally and physically, in a short time by private or public transportation vehicles. After reaching the campsite in a short time, you can set up your tent next to the vehicle and have a pleasant camping holiday.

There are no private businesses around Yazıköy Beach, where you can make a peaceful tent camp. Although this situation creates a quiet atmosphere for your holiday, you need to be able to meet your needs with your own experience. You can meet your daily needs such as eating and drinking on the way or from the nearest Yazi Village area, which is 1 km away. There is no residential area in the camping area, where lush green hills stand out. In this way, you can spend a quiet, calm and peaceful camping holiday from the moment you set up your tent. The sandy beach of Yazıköy Beach is full of small pebbles. If you think you will be uncomfortable with this situation, we recommend that you bring sea shoes. At the same time, the sea of ​​the beach can be slightly wavy. Therefore, you can apply for professional swimming experience.

You can find the opportunity to try many physical and spiritual activities around the Yazikoy Beach camping area, which promises a peaceful nature to its guests. While staying around the beach, you can read a book, do yoga or photograph the magnificent natural wonders you see. At the same time, you can swim, dive or try angling in a magnificent sea that resembles an aquarium. If you focus on physical activities, we definitely recommend you to do trekking or sightseeing in the region. Before you set off for the camping area, you should remember that there are no facilities in the surrounding area.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent


Wooded Area