YaDa Camping

YaDa Camping


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Akçapınar, Bülent Ecevit Caddesi, Ula/Muğla


You can go to YaDa Camping facility for a camping holiday where you will discover the lush nature in Gökova region, the pearl of Muğla. You can spend an isolated holiday period by escaping from the tiring routines of the city in the facility, which was established among wide olive trees of approximately 3 acres. YaDa Camping facility, which is located far from the city center of Muğla, has a transportation time of 700 km to Istanbul, 240 km to Izmir and approximately 12 km to the town center of Ula. In addition, when you come to Muğla city center, you can reach a road of 39 km in approximately 40 minutes. Due to the location of YaDa Camping, transportation can only be provided by private vehicles. Plus, after you check-in to the facility, you have the chance to take advantage of the parking facilities within the accommodation fee. In cases where you do not have a private vehicle, you can contact the facility after you arrive in Akyaka. YaDa Camping facility can pick up its guests from Akyaka twice a day, in the morning and evening, for a small amount. In this way, you are not exposed to question marks at the point of transportation to the facility.

YaDa Camping, which is built on a large land in the middle of the green, has comfortable accommodation alternatives. There is a shaded area that can accommodate 12 tents and a place where 2 caravans can park. In addition, there are 4 “Tent House” mini bungalow houses for holidaymakers who do not compromise on comfort. Therefore, you have the chance to choose your accommodation in the facility according to your holiday wishes and spend a very comfortable time. Or, after choosing the accommodation unit you want in Da Camping, you can benefit from the parking lot, electricity connection, barbecue grill, WC, shower and bathroom services in the common area. You can also use the washing machine service in the common areas for a small fee.

YaDa Camping, the paradise of the blue, provides a fun environment for campers where conversation and music can take place. In addition, the facility promises a convenient opportunity for various event organizations. You can also spare time for yoga, pilates, sound therapy classes, ceramic workshops and many other activities at YaDa Camping. In addition to relaxing activities, you can participate in kitesurfing training, join canoe and boat tours or go hiking to spend time with a high dose of adventure. We recommend that you contact YaDa Camping in advance for service details, availability and up-to-date price information.


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