Talat Göktepe Tabiat Parkı Kamp Alanı

Talat Göktepe Tabiat Parkı Kamp Alanı


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Akdeniz, Mersin - Antalya Yolu, Erdemli/Mersin

Private enterprise


In the Erdemli district of Mersin, you can experience a peaceful camping experience in the middle of the pine forests at Talat Göktepe Nature Park Campground. You have the chance to experience both tent and caravan camping at the same time, at the facility serving on Mersin-Antalya Road. Talat Göktepe Nature Park Campground is located in a location where guests can easily reach with the advantage of its central location. The nature park has a short transportation time of 2 hours and 40 minutes to Adana city, 57 minutes to Mersin city center and approximately 10 minutes to Erdemli district center. For this, you can use Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard and Mersin-Antalya Road when you set off with a private vehicle. At the end of a short journey time, you can take advantage of the parking facilities after you arrive at the nature park with a private vehicle. Thanks to the central location of Talat Göktepe Nature Park Campground, you can also prefer public transportation vehicles.

You have the chance to camp in tents and caravans in Talat Göktepe Nature Park Camping Area, which was established in the lush nature of the Erdemli pine grove. You can discover the fascinating atmosphere of nature while staying in specially designated tent and caravan areas. You also have the chance to discover different living and plant species in a forested area. At Talat Göktepe Nature Park Campground, many service details have been considered in order to make the guests feel comfortable. For this, you can benefit from the facilities such as hot water, electricity connection, lighting, shower, WC, beach and buffet while staying at the campsite. In addition, you can have an isolated camping holiday away from the noise thanks to the areas designated by the nature park separately for campers and picnickers. Moreover, by setting up your tent in a large shaded area, you can meet the first lights of the morning with coolness.

The seafront location of Talat Göktepe Nature Park Campground and its lush forest texture make many activity ideas possible. First of all, you can go on a nature walk where you can explore the pine forests and meet different plant species. In addition, thanks to the park's proximity to central locations, you can go on city tours during the day and find the opportunity to explore the Erdemli region. While enjoying the sun in the nature park, you can also experience swimming, diving and angling to discover a deep blue sea. Before you set off for Talat Göktepe Nature Park Campground, you can contact us for comprehensive information.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Disabled friendly

Dogs welcome

Permanent camping

Private enterprise

Family campground


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


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Caravan park area

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Tables and benches

Washing machines

Water hook-up

Wooded Area

Dishwashing area

Car park



Mosque (Male)

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