Takkeli Dağ Kamp Alanı

Takkeli Dağ Kamp Alanı



Sulutas, 16378. Sk., Selçuklu/Konya


Takkeli Mountain is a region that offers a climbing opportunity where you can observe the city view of Konya. Takkeli Mountain, located in the Sulutas region of Konya Seljuk, is named after Kybele, the Anatolian fertility goddess in ancient times. According to the legend, it is believed that there was a big castle on top of Takkeli Mountain. With the conquest of Konya by the Turks, the name Kybele turns into Gevele. Then, Gevele Castle, standing on the top of the mountain, puts a skullcap on the mountain and in time it takes the name "Takkeli Mountain". You can use the shuttles that go to Sarayköy to reach Takkeli Mountain, which has a valuable history dating back to the oldest times in history. You can continue walking the rest of the way by descending at a point close to the mountain. You can also choose your private vehicle up to a point while coming to the fascinating mountain where you can camp for free.

You can have the opportunity to discover an enchanting beauty by pitching a tent at the foot of Takkeli Mountain, which is a frequent destination for mountaineers and paragliders with the magnificent viewing pleasure it offers. At the top of Takkeli Mountain, which you will reach after a climbing period of approximately 90 minutes, you can have the opportunity to watch the whole city from a bird's eye view. You also have the chance to watch the magnificent constellations at the foot of the mountain, which has an altitude of around 1750 meters. There is no facility yet in Takkeli Mountain Campground, where you will have many fascinating memories. For this reason, you can supply your camping gear with you on the go. We recommend that you come to Takkeli Mountain Campground, where you can take landscape photos from Gevale Castle, in summer and spring, as well as in winter, to observe a white snow cover that covers the city.

Konya's escape route, Takkeli Mountain Camping Area, has paths around which you can trekking, scenic viewpoints where you can take nature photos, convenient plains where you can camp, and routes where you can climb. In this way, you can get an unforgettable camping experience full of adventures. If the season you go to Takkeli Mountain for camping or sightseeing is winter, you should definitely take into account the cold of Konya. For this, you can take with you fleece, a tent compatible with the winter season, a sleeping bag resistant to negative temperatures and climbing equipment.


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