Suluada Plajı Kamp Alanı

Suluada Plajı Kamp Alanı





You can have fascinating hours at Suluada Beach, known as Turkey's Maldives. Located on the borders of Adrasan in Antalya, Suluada Beach is one of the routes where you can spend a dreamy day with its white sand and clear sea. The beach, which can only be reached by sea, takes its name from the fresh water source it has. You can do a swimming activity that will make you feel special while being refreshed in the beach water, also known as healing. To go to Suluada Beach, you can choose boat tours departing from the coast of Adrasan. Boats to Suluada depart from the coastline in approximately 10 and a half hours. You can reach the fascinating island after covering the distance of approximately 15 km in 45 minutes.

There are two beaches in Suluada, which gives the impression of a pool with the clarity of the sea. The sea of ​​the first beach, which you will observe on your way from Adrasan, is a little wavy. The second beach is shallower than the first. When you enter the sea at both points, you can swim in a way that you will be enchanted with its healing and fascinating texture. Suluada Beach does not belong to any camping operation. For this reason, you can set up your tent at a remote point of the coastline after you come with a daily boat tour. However, we recommend that you get permission from the gendarmerie before setting up a tent in the area. At the same time, you should be careful against the pieces of stone falling from the rocks in the area where you set up your tent. Another point you should pay attention to while staying at Suluada Beach Campground is seclusion. After the boat tours end, Suluada Beach Campground can be a bit quiet and secluded. For this reason, you should definitely take a light source with you and be careful.

Another beauty you should see when you come to Suluada Beach Campground is the Suluada Cave, which is sheltered by a sax-blue sea water. Boats dock around the cave only for photography. Apart from that, it is forbidden to swim around the cave, which is the habitat of seals. When you come with a boat tour, you can take photos in the cave before setting up your tent. Suluada Beach Campground is also preferred especially for water sports. You can also try various water sports in the area. You can also do angling in the area with a variety of fish such as squid. Before you set off for Suluada Beach Campground, you should get permission from the gendarmerie for camping and come prepared for your needs.


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