Şuayipli Köyü Plajı Kamp Alanı

Şuayipli Köyü Plajı Kamp Alanı



Kurfallı, Şile/İstanbul

Private enterprise


If you want to witness a coastline that you will not forget for a long time, you can camp at Şuayipli Village Beach. The campground, which is located at a distance of approximately 30 km from Şile district center, continues its activities by a private enterprise. The clear sea of ​​the region, which stretches to a magnificent coastline, often welcomes guests, especially in the summer season. You can reach the Suayipli Village camping area, where you will find peace, by any vehicle that goes to Ağva. You can also go to the region with your private vehicle.

The 3 km long coastline of Şuayipli Village Beach offers a wide plain for tent camping. Moreover, thanks to the easy accessibility of the region, you can make a caravan camp. The fact that the area where you will stay with a tent or caravan is on the coastline not only allows you to discover the peaceful Black Sea winds, but also promises a comfortable space. In this way, you can immerse yourself in the vast waters in a short time from your accommodation. The fact that the camping point is on the coastline causes many guests to flock especially on weekends. Therefore, if you are in favor of calm and peace in the camp, you can choose weekdays. Near the Şuayipli Village Beach, besides the paid facilities, there are also areas where you can camp for free. However, while staying in the private area, you can benefit from any service fee free of charge, for a fee of 80 TL, including the parking fee you pay to the establishment. There are services such as WC, shower, electricity, buffet, hot water, parking lot, swimming area and hiking trail within the borders of the campground. In this way, you do not have to go outside the camp boundaries to meet your needs.

While staying at Şuayipli Village Beach, you can find the opportunity to try many activities that will allow you to integrate with nature while resting your mind. While staying at the campsite, you can relax by leaving yourself to the fierce but cold seas of Şile during the day. At the same time, you can do a trekking that will keep you fresh on the hiking trails of the region. If you want to have a pleasant time with your loved ones, we recommend you to play beach volleyball.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Dogs welcome

Mini campsite

Permanent camping

Private enterprise

Family campground


Can pitch a tent


Access to the water


Caravan park area

Electric hook-ups

Firewood available


Hot water


Tables and benches

Water hook-up

Wooded Area

Car park