Şeytan Kalesi Kamp Alanı

Şeytan Kalesi Kamp Alanı



Yıldırımtepe, Çıldır/Ardahan


One of the favorite routes where you can camp while exploring the historical beauty of Ardahan is the Devil's Castle. You can have the opportunity to discover a historical beauty surrounded by cliffs on three sides at the Devil's Castle, located in the Yıldırımtepe region of the Çıldır district of Ardahan. Having an altitude of 1910 meters, the Devil's Castle got its name from the word Alvız (Albız), which means devil in old Turkish. Devil's Castle, which was built on a peninsula bounded by Karaçay flowing from three sides, has a water cistern, a supply warehouse and a chapel. Therefore, from the moment you step into the Devil's Castle, you have the chance to discover many ruins of Ardahan's history. You have to do trekking to get to the top of the castle, where private vehicle transportation can be provided up to a point.

Although there are various cliff points in the Devil's Castle, which you can reach by trekking, there are also flat routes where you can pitch a tent. Here you have the chance to camp in a tent at a viewpoint with a view of the Devil's Castle or the plains. Located in Ardahan, the fascinating synthesis of the East and the Black Sea, there is no facility where you can meet your needs when you place accommodation in the Devil's Castle Campground. For this reason, we recommend that you be prepared when you come to the region. You will feel like you are in a movie set in the Devil's Castle Campground, which is estimated to have been built during the Urartian period. Therefore, when you go to cities such as Kars or Ardahan, we recommend you to visit the Devil's Castle and make a free camp.

You will be able to witness various miracles of nature at the Devil's Castle Campground with its high altitude. Therefore, when you go to the Devil's Castle, we definitely recommend you to spare time for many activities such as trekking, yoga or cultural excursions. We recommend you to be careful when you go to the Devil's Castle, where you will discover the various colors of nature around the plain, especially in the summer and spring season. Especially by providing your trekking equipment well, you can explore the Devil's Castle and make a free camp.


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Free camp

In the mountains

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Wooded Area