Sarıkum Plajı Kamp Alanı

Sarıkum Plajı Kamp Alanı



Mavişehir, Didim/Aydın


If you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere away from the eyes and city noise, you should definitely visit Sarıkum Beach in Didim. You can feel like you are in a meditation with the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves mixed with the sound of waves at Sarıkum Beach. Another opportunity offered by the beach, which promises a tranquility, is the ease of transportation. You can choose public transportation and private vehicles when coming to the free camping area in the Mavişehir district of Didim. To come by private vehicle, you have to follow the direction of Söke and turn towards Akbük before coming to Akbük. Then you can reach Mavişehir at the end of the road. Moreover, there is a car park where you can park your car after arriving at the beach. If you are going to use public transportation to the beach, you can choose the minibuses going from Didim to Mavişehir. However, you have to come to Denizli Teachers' Site Club by minibus and walk the remaining 200 meters.

There are no settlements around Sarıkum Beach, which evokes a postcard in every detail with its untouched nature. You can get rid of both noise and city routines on the beach, which is approximately 1.5 km away from the nearest settlement. Since there is no settlement or private business around the beach, there are no areas where you can meet your needs such as WC, shower and electricity. Although this situation may seem like a disadvantage, we can guarantee that it does not matter in the face of the magnificent sunset you witness. Didim Sarıkum Beach camping area is suitable for making a fire. Therefore, you can have a delicious barbecue around the beach with the materials you get from the market. There are also flats where tents can be set up around the beach, where you will be fascinated by its peaceful texture. In this way, you can set up your tent on a quiet and flat spot.

Sarıkum Beach, where you will feel yourself in a piece of paradise thanks to its golden sandy beach, is surrounded by walking paths. In this way, you can use the high oxygen advantage given by the distance to the settlements to the fullest. Even when you are overwhelmed by the summer heat, a clear Aegean Sea awaits you, reminiscent of an aquarium, where you can perform swimming and diving activities. Before you set off to Sarıkum Beach for your camping holiday, you should know that there are no private businesses in the area and you should come prepared.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Dogs welcome

Free camp

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent



Firewood available

Wooded Area