Sarıçiçek Yaylası ve Göleti Kamp Alanı

Sarıçiçek Yaylası ve Göleti Kamp Alanı



Esentepe, Yukarıdana/Safranbolu/Karabük


One of the popular spots where you can camp for winter when snowfall shows its face is Sarıçiçek Plateau Campground. Saricicek Plateau, located on the Bartın-Safranbolu road and in Asasitana Village, got its name from the fascinating yellow flowers that bloom around the lake during the summer season. Therefore, we can say that Sarıçiçek Plateau Camping Area is frequently preferred both in summer and winter seasons in response to different expectations. Located at an altitude of approximately 1750 meters, Sarıçiçek Plateau is one of the regions you should definitely choose with its route suitable for camping and plenty of oxygen. It is possible to reach Sarıçiçek Plateau Campground, which is 8 km away from Safranbolu town centre, by two different route alternatives. As the first alternative, you can proceed to the Bartın highway destination via Kirkille and turn towards the Asabana Village. As a second alternative, you can reach the Asabana Village when you come to the İncekaya Village road by following the signs named Kristal Glass Terrace and Tokatlı Canyon.

Sarıçiçek Plateau Camping Area is among the regions that receive heavy snowfall, especially in the winter season. For this reason, you must have your chain ready when you go on the road. You should be careful about your needs while sighing towards the magnificent view and refreshing oxygen of Sarıçiçek Plateau Campground. There are no facilities such as WC, shower or electricity in Sarıçiçek Plateau. We can even say that the signal strength of the phone is reset at some points. For this reason, in order not to be deprived while camping, you can come to the camping area by meeting your needs on the way. There is only a fountain in Sarıçiçek Plateau Camping Area where you can meet your water needs. However, taking into account that the fountain may freeze and become useless in the cold of snow, you should have water with you.

You can try many activities at Sarıçiçek Plateau Campground, which is preferred by campers in every season of the year, regardless of summer or winter. There are activities such as trekking, excursions, jogging and photography that campers who prefer Sarıçiçek Plateau can try in the summer and spring seasons. When the winter season comes, although your activity possibilities seem to be limited, you can do photography to immortalize the white snow cover of the region, or you can make a Microlight flight by contacting Safranbolu aviation companies. We recommend that you make complete winter camp preparations in case the region is extremely cold.


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Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


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Water hook-up

Wooded Area