Riva Galera Koyu Kamp Alanı

Riva Galera Koyu Kamp Alanı



Riva, Beykoz/İstanbul


You can go to Riva Galera Bay for a free camping experience where you can be enchanted by the sea view. Galera Bay, where you can set up a free tent camp, is located within the borders of Riva in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. We can say that Galera Bay will be a very right route for a getaway from the city, especially thanks to its proximity to Istanbul. Only private vehicles are used at the point of transportation to Riva Galera Bay Campground, which is preferred especially during the weekend and summer season. You can reach Galera Bay, which is 3.8 km from the center of Riva, after a 3-kilometer drive over Riva – Çayağzı. There is no direct public transport to the Riva Galera Bay Campground. For this reason, you can get on the vehicles serving in the Riva region from the city and take a taxi to continue the rest of the way.

There is no special facility or business in Riva Galera Bay Campground, which is a frequent destination for campers and picnickers. Therefore, we can say that the region has succeeded in preserving its natural beauty by remaining untouched. You will be able to spend peaceful and quiet times away from the noise of the city in Galera Bay, where you can watch the sea of ​​Istanbul. The lack of facilities in the free camping area may cause you to be limited in terms of needs. For this reason, you can apply for camping experiences for your needs such as eating and drinking, toilet and shower. In addition, you can visit places such as markets and grocery stores while coming for various equipment you will need during the camp. In Riva Galera Bay, where you can swim from the rocks, there are stony sections on the right and left shores of the sea. For this reason, we recommend that you bring sea shoes with you. Since the area can be uninhabited at times, it is useful to be extra careful when swimming in the sea. You should also try not to swallow water, as there are many seaweeds in the sea.

There are many dogs in Riva Galera Bay Campground, where you can stay alone with the calm face of nature. We recommend that you pay attention especially to large dogs during the camp. In addition, there is no shaded area in the area. For this reason, you can set up your camp in the evening, or if you don't like the heat, you can go to the region in spring and winter. At the same time, you should be careful against strong winds around the campsite. As long as you apply for your camping experiences, we can say that you will have a peaceful experience where you can go hiking, meditation, photography and camping in nature.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Caravan park area

Firewood available