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Pusula Bungalow


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Kayaköy, Kuyubaşı Karayaka sokak no:9 Fethiye/Muğla


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You can choose Pusula Bungalow for a romantic and peaceful honeymoon in Kayaköy, the pearl of Fethiye. The property, which was brought to life by the traveler Tunç Aksu, promises a peaceful environment where comfortable bungalow accommodation is made. You can make a delicious start to the day with a perfect mixed village breakfast at Pusula Bungalow, where all kinds of services are met and quality accommodation is offered. The meticulously designed bungalows of Pusula Bungalow are made of fragrant cedar trees specific to the region. Therefore, you can find a chance to stay in an architecture that will serve as a cure for many diseases, especially asthma. At the same time, the trees around the hotel help to create an isolated environment from the city noise. In this way, you can spend a peaceful stay where you will relieve your body and mind fatigue.

The central location of the honeymoon hotel helps guests especially in transportation. Compass Bungalow; It is 9 km from the center of Fethiye, 4 km from Gemiler Bay, 6 km from Ölüdeniz, 55 km from Dalaman Airport and 59 km from Saklıkent Canyon. Therefore, to reach the facility, which is located in a central location, by public transportation, you can choose the minibus services that go to Kayaköy via the Fethiye district bus station. At the same time, you can easily use the minibuses departing from the front of the facility every 25 minutes for transportation. At Pusula Bungalow, which offers honeymooners the first happy steps towards a new life, you can meet many of your holiday needs in a short time thanks to the comprehensive services provided for the guests. Facilities offered by the facility; WC, hot water, shower, parking lot, terrace, internet connection, lawn and electricity. Moreover, private bungalow houses made of cedar wood material have air conditioning, WC, shower, LCD TV, satellite broadcasting and a garden in front of the door. Thus, you can step into a peaceful and happy honeymoon holiday where you will feel at home comfort. Thanks to the melodious voice of village animals, Pusula Bungalow offers a wide variety of food options, where you can spend a holiday in touch with nature. The evening meals of the facility are prepared individually and daily in line with the wishes of the customers. In the bungalow facility, where there is no open buffet system, you can also find the opportunity to taste the most suitable food menus. Moreover, Compass Bungalow prepares gluten-free meals for guests with celiac disease. For this, you can give information at the reservation stage before you go to the facility.

The facilities offered by Pusula Bungalow to honeymooners are not limited to comfort and service policy. In addition, thanks to the central location of the business, you can find the opportunity to try many activities. During your stay at Compass Bungalow, you can take a trip to regions such as Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley. If you want to reach the heights of entertainment, you can participate in extraordinary activities such as paragliding, ATV or camel tour. You can find different holiday packages on the resort's website. If you wish, you can choose the most suitable one from these packages and have an unforgettable honeymoon holiday. Pusula Bungalow has a hotel concept specially created for honeymooners in terms of service policy and accommodation units. You can make a reservation for an unforgettable holiday in Compass Bungalow, the indispensable route of Kayaköy, by contacting the facility.


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