Primos Camping

Primos Camping

0 554 497 99 12

Tepearası, 1501 Sokak No:10, Ortaca/Muğla

Private enterprise


At Primos Camping, you can have a calm and quiet camping holiday where you will discover the depths of the forest. Primos Camping, which provides service in Ortaca district of Muğla city, has a transportation time of 15 minutes to Dalyan and Köyceğiz. Therefore, you can go to Primos Camping in search of an atmosphere that has managed to stay close to the surrounding locations and maintain its calmness. The facility, which is the route of peace, has a driving distance of 1 hour and 10 minutes to Muğla city center and approximately 13 minutes to Ortaca district center. Therefore, when you set off from the surrounding routes, you can easily reach Primos Camping via Atatürk Boulevard by following the map location. Moreover, after stepping into the facility, you can take advantage of the parking facility, which is included in the accommodation fee.

In Primos Camping, which is the paradise of green, various accommodation opportunities have been thought of where you can feel comfortable. In this way, you can easily find the comfort conditions you expect on holiday in the camping facility. There are tent-caravan areas and bungalow houses in the camping area where guests can stay. Therefore, you can set up your personal tent in the shaded areas, leave the caravan in the parking lot or rent carefully decorated bungalow houses. Established within the framework of a friendly image, the facility offers opportunities to experience village life. You can prepare your own food outdoors while sharing the same environment with cats, dogs, chickens and many derivatives in nature. Moreover, you can keep the food items and the meals we prepared in the common use refrigerator of the facility.

Primos Camping, located in Ortaca, promises campers various activities. Therefore, while staying at the facility, a suitable environment is offered for various activities where you will discover nature. First of all, while staying at Primos Camping, you can go for walks or cycle to discover nature. In this process, you can photograph the live-plant varieties and landscapes you see. At the same time, you can go on a city tour by visiting the surrounding locations from the camping facility, which is the address of peace. Before you set off for Primos Camping, you can contact us for comprehensive information.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Cell phone can pick up

Dogs welcome

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Private enterprise

Family campground

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Access to the water

Caravan park area

Chemical disposal point

Cooking facilities

Electric hook-ups

Hot water



Tables and benches

Water hook-up


Wooded Area

Dishwashing area

Car park