Nurhak Dağları Kamp Alanı

Nurhak Dağları Kamp Alanı



Tapkırankale, Elbistan/Kahramanmaraş


Nurhak Mountains is a fascinating route where you can see snow on the top of the majestic mountains even in summer. Nurhak Mountains, located in the Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş and in the Tapkırankale region, are known as the oldest settlement in history. We can say that the region is definitely worth seeing thanks to its rich historical heritage and majestic natural beauties. You have the chance to go to Nurhak Mountains, which is approximately 150 km away from Kahramanmaraş city center, by private vehicle. When you set off from the surrounding provinces, you can reach the Nurhak Mountains after a distance of 106 km from Malatya, 112 km from Adıyaman and 197 km from Şanlıurfa. You can also make a comfortable tent camp in the Nurhak Mountains, where you will witness a fascinating atmosphere with the mystery of the historical ruins.

Nurhak Mountains, the fascinating beauty of Kahramanmaraş with its imposing appearance, are located on the historical Silk Road. Therefore, we can say that the mountains have hosted many sovereignties throughout history. Thanks to the extensive history of the region, you can witness unique ruins at every point you step on. There are no private businesses or facilities at the Nurhak Mountains Camping Area, which has convenient points for free tent camping. Therefore, you should bring all the resources you will need during a camp in the foothills of the mountains. Nurhak Mountain, which attracts the attention of mountaineers and nature lovers every season of the year, is especially high among those who come for climbing. Therefore, when a snow-white blanket covers the mountains in the winter season, you can come to the Nurhak Mountains Camping Area and take part in the climbing groups.

Nurhak Mountains Camping Area has convenient paths where you can hike to the summit. You can also take a climb on the imposing face of the mountain. We recommend you to be careful while climbing or hiking in the Nurhak Mountains, which are full of snow and ice. The historical heritage of the mountains attracts the attention of tourists. Therefore, it is possible to come across curious tourists, travelers or mountaineers who come to photograph or explore the history in the region. Since there is no private business in the Nurhak Mountains Camping Area, it will be beneficial for you to come with a supply.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Firewood available

Wooded Area