Mercan Deresi Kamp Alanı

Mercan Deresi Kamp Alanı





You can visit Mercan Creek, which promises a postcard view in every season, including winter. Mercan Creek, which hosts the magnificent harmony of colors in nature, is located in Ovacık district of Tunceli. From the moment you step into the famous Mercan Creek, you can witness the trees that reflect the colors of the season in the best way, glacial lakes and long paths. Trekking groups and campers flock to Mercan Creek, the indispensable route of summer and winter camps with its enchanting beauty. Transportation to Mercan Deresi Camping Area, which you will be fascinated by from the first moment you see it, can be provided by public transportation and personal vehicle. District minibuses go from Tunceli center to Ovacık at regular hours. You can come to Şahverdi Village by the district minibus and reach the flat spots where you can camp at the end of a small climbing route. If you will come to the free camping area by private vehicle, you can park your car at the settlement at the starting point of the valley and reach the camping area after a short walk.

You have the chance to witness traces of wildlife, rich vegetation and fascinating glacial lakes at the Mercan Valley Campground, which is seen as the attraction center of Tunceli. Mercan Deresi Campground, which fascinates everyone with its fascinating view of glacial lakes, does not have a private business. For this reason, you can bring a comprehensive bag of food and basic needs with you when you come to the free camping area, where you will stay away from private vehicles and public transportation. With its glacial ponds, Mercan Deresi Campground can have a harsh cold for campers even in the summer heat of the center. For this reason, we recommend that you bring materials such as an all-season tent, a sleeping bag resistant to negative temperatures, a lighting device and a pocket stove that will provide comfort against winter camping when you come to the camping area.

Mercan Creek Campground, with its natural beauty and convenient opportunities, prepares the ground suitable for many activities. You can do trekking while discovering the unique beauty of nature on the kilometers long pathways of Mercan Creek. You can also help maintain your physical health by climbing in glacial lakes. Mercan Creek has many fascinating beauties that are worth recording at every turn you turn. Therefore, by recording the many natural miracles you see around the stream, you can witness a door to heaven.


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