Mavikent Kamp Alanı

Mavikent Kamp Alanı



Mavikent, Kumluca/Antalya


One of the camping routes where you will be alone with nature on the Lycian Way is Mavikent Campground. The free camping area on the Mavikent beach offers a free holiday environment for both tents and caravans. The convenient location of Mavikent Campground not only facilitates transportation, but also provides easy interaction with the center. Therefore, you can take a city tour during your free camping period in the region or go on peaceful walks where you will discover the atmosphere of nature. You can reach Mavikent, which offers campers a beachfront camping opportunity on the road, by using Kumluca Street via Adrasan district center in about 20 minutes by private car. If you do not have a private vehicle or caravan, you can come to the camping area free of charge by using the vehicles serving in the Adrasan region. Although the proximity of the Mavikent Campground to the road is an advantage for transportation, it may cause dust to come to your tent. Therefore, if you set up your tent at a point away from the road, you can have a comfortable camping holiday without worrying about it.

Offering the opportunity to explore a virgin nature, Mavikent Camping Area has been developed as much as possible by Kumluca Municipality. There is a natural water source, wc, changing cabin and shower facility provided by the municipality in the region. Therefore, you can easily meet your needs during the camping period. Moreover, the proximity of the Mavikent Campground to the road makes it easy to reach the center. Thus, you can meet most of your needs from businesses such as kiosks, markets and restaurants located in the center. You can spend time to make your camping holiday enjoyable at Mavikent Campground, also known as the hidden paradise of Adrasan. In addition, you can meet the quiet side of nature every summer season by making the region a frequent destination while crossing the road.

While one side of the free camping area in Mavikent's hidden corner looks at the deep blue sea, the other side winks at the lush nature. Therefore, during your stay, you can do activities such as trekking or jogging, where you will discover a natural atmosphere while swimming and diving during the day. In addition, if you have a bicycle with you, you can plan a trip to discover the historical texture of the city in a short time. The coastal area of ​​Mavikent Campground is covered with pebbles instead of sand. If the stony texture of the sea disturbs your foot structure, you can have a sea shoe with you.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

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Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Dogs welcome

Free camp

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Can pitch a tent


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Wooded Area