Maltepe Sahil Karavan Park Alanı

Maltepe Sahil Karavan Park Alanı


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Yalı, Maltepe/İstanbul

Private enterprise


You can safely choose the Maltepe Beach Caravan Park Area for a comfortable caravan stay on the coast of Maltepe. Caravan Park, operated by İspark, offers both short and long-term accommodation. In addition, thanks to its proximity to city centers during the park, it is possible to easily access markets, entertainment centers and shopping routes. There are various parking opportunities in Maltepe Beach Caravan Park Area as daily, monthly and yearly. Therefore, you have the chance to stay in a very comfortable and central way with your caravan in the heart of Istanbul.

Maltepe Beach Caravan Park Area serves with the logic of a park zone rather than a facility. Therefore, there are mini-services in the caravan park where you can meet your daily needs. Within the facility, there are facilities such as toilets and buffets that guests can use for a certain fee. In addition, thanks to the proximity of the caravan park to the central routes, there are shopping centers and markets where you can meet many needs. While staying in Maltepe Beach Caravan Park Area, you can cycle on a long coastline or go for a pleasant walk in the evening. While going to the caravan parking area, we recommend you to set off knowing that it is not in the concept of standard camping facilities and therefore there are no services such as shower, kitchen or beach.

Accommodations in Maltepe Beach Caravan Park Area are made daily, monthly and annually. In addition, a caravan parking area is also provided free of charge, as well as a parking area where you can put a table and a chair. In this way, you can spend your time comfortably next to the area where you parked. According to the information received from Karavan Park in 2023, the subscription is made monthly and above. In this case, the monthly subscription fee is determined as 1152 TL. Daily entrances to the facility are made in a separate area for a fee of 160 TL. We recommend that you contact us for the current price information of the season you will visit in the future.


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