Kuzgun Kamp

Kuzgun Kamp


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Mehmetalan, Edremit/Balıkesir

Private enterprise


You can enjoy pure oxygen at Kuzgun Camp located in Edremit district of Balıkesir. The facility, where you can make a peaceful camp with the green trees covering the mountains, is in service in the Mehmetalan region of Edremit. Thanks to the secluded nature of the camping facility, you can escape from many tiring life routines. While coming to the facility by private vehicle, where you can go on many nature walks during your holiday, you need to enter the camps after you come to Edremit's Mehmetalan Village. Then, after following the 4 km road, you can reach the facility. When coming by private vehicle, you should not enter the Kadıköy/Ortaoba road seen in the navigation. Moreover, when coming to the facility by private vehicle, you have to come to Akçay bus station as the closest. Then you can get on the minibuses that serve in the Edremit/Mehmetalan region. However, the remaining 4 km road, you have to come by your own means.

You can stay with tents and caravans in Kuzgun Kamp, which is respectful to nature, adjacent to Zeytinli Stream and the National Park in Kaz Mountains. You can set up your own tent, use a vehicle tent or come with a caravan, according to your wishes. In the common area of the facility, you can find parking, kitchen, shower, toilet, electricity and kitchen stove. Refrigerator service is not provided at Kuzgun Kamp. Therefore, we recommend that you do your shopping daily. At the same time, you can meet your daily coffee, tea and snacks from the camping area. There is no main meal service at the campsite. Instead, you can cook your own food on the stove in the communal kitchen. Campfires and barbecues are not allowed in the facility, which is nested with nature. For this reason, you can prepare your meal in the kitchen with your own kitchen utensils.

The location of the Kuzgun Camp facility, intertwined with nature, gives you many activities. You can swim in the forest by reaching the pond or take a pleasant walk on the paths. While staying at the property, you can visit Sarıkız, Güvercinlik Canyon, Vala Waterfall and Bazlamac Tower to be alone with nature. You can also find time for yoga and meditation in nature. In Kuzgun Camp, you should set out knowing that the phone has limited reception. You can contact us for more information about the facility.


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