Kümbet Yaylası Kamp Alanı

Kümbet Yaylası Kamp Alanı





Kümbet Plateau is one of the popular routes that campers frequently visit in Giresun, regardless of the season. In Kümbet Plateau, located in the Dereli district of Giresun, you will be able to witness a fascinating plateau view that appears and disappears from behind the fog. In Kümbet Plateau, which manages to impress at first glance, you can shop at the market where organic products are sold while focusing on wildlife. You can reach Kümbet Plateau, which has become a frequent destination for local and foreign travel lovers, in a short time from the main road of the plateaus. Moreover, you have the chance to go with your own caravan to the free camping area, which can be reached by private vehicle. Kümbet Plateau Campground has a distance of 27 km from Dereli town center and 58 km from Giresun city center. In this way, you can make a relaxing camp both in the city and away from the eyes on the plateau.

There are no special facilities or businesses in the Kümbet Plateau Campground, where campers flock to every season of the year. However, you can buy anything you may need during the camp from the bakeries, markets and grocery stores located in the highland center. There is no fountain in Kümbet Plateau where you can meet your water needs. For this reason, you can bring water with you, especially in the summer months when you can spend time on the walking paths. There is no telephone signal in the Kümbet Plateau Campground, where you can camp completely free of charge. Although this situation may seem annoying, it allows you to leave your normal life routines and leave yourself in the lap of nature. Therefore, on the way to Kümbet Plateau, you can make a peaceful and relaxing camp by notifying a location along the way. There are countless beauties worth seeing in Kümbet Plateau, which offers a lush highland and mountain view in the fog when it gets dark.

When you go to the Kümbet Plateau Campground, Giresun's paradise route, in winter and autumn seasons, you may be exposed to harsh cold. For this reason, you can take a step into a comfortable camping process by carrying winter camping equipment with you. Even if you prefer the summer season to come to the plateau, you may encounter a snow scene depending on the high altitude of the region. Therefore, we recommend that you carry a fleece with you in all seasons. While camping at Kümbet Plateau, you can witness a fascinating nature hidden behind fog on one side and the animals of the region grazing on the other. Thus, you can safely entrust yourself to the unchanging face of a lush nature while camping in tents and caravans in the region.


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16°/6° C


Mon (22.Apr)

16°/11° C


Tue (23.Apr)

20°/15° C


Wed (24.Apr)

22°/14° C


Thu (25.Apr)

19°/13° C


Fri (26.Apr)

18°/13° C


Sat (27.Apr)




Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Charcoal grill allowed

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Access to the water

Caravan park area

Firewood available

Water hook-up

Wooded Area