Küdür Koyu Kamp Alanı

Küdür Koyu Kamp Alanı



Yalıkavak, Bodrum/Muğla


While watching the magnificent waters of the Aegean, you can choose the Kdür Bay camping area to make a free tent camp. Kdür Cove is located within the borders of Yalıkavak, the pearl of Muğla, Bodrum. No matter where you look from the region, you will witness an irresistible view and you will be able to collect unique memories. You can make a quiet and quiet tent camp at Küdür Bay, which is protected as a Public Beach, free of charge. If you are going to the camp, you can choose your private vehicle. Unfortunately, the camping area is not accessible by public transport. This makes the camping area very calm and quiet.

After arriving at Kdür Bay, you can set up your tent in a vast nature where you will be enchanted by the magnificent oxygen. No matter where your region is, we can say that you will be satisfied with the silence. There are no private businesses around the Kdür Bay camping area where you can meet your camping needs. For this reason, you can come from home for many of your needs or you can procure materials on the road. The fact that there is no business in the area will make the environment very calm and will also make your camping experience very professional.

You will have the opportunity to explore many activities while enjoying the silence in Kdür Bay, which has its share of lush nature. In the region, you can do activities that will help you relax in the summer heat, such as swimming and diving. At the same time, you can explore a lush nature by trekking or cycling. We recommend that you bring a camera to immortalize the countless memories you have during your camping holiday. You can also do mental activities that will relax your soul, like physical activities, in Kdür Bay. We recommend that you spend the evening reading a book while doing yoga-meditation in the first light of the morning. Before you set off for the campsite, you should consider that there are no businesses in the area and you should come prepared.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent



Wooded Area