Kozak Yaylası Kamp Alanı

Kozak Yaylası Kamp Alanı



Yukarıbey, Bergama/İzmir


You can go to Kozak Plateau for a magical camping experience under lush trees in İzmir. Located between Bergama-Ayvalık district centers of Izmir, Kozak Plateau is a natural paradise where Turkey's quality pine nuts are grown. The Kozak Plateau Campground, where you can set up a free tent camp in the center of lush trees, varies between 500-1000 meters above sea level. Therefore, you can enjoy the camping experience in one of the region's famous highlands and tourism centers. Transportation to Kozak Plateau, where you can camp for free, is easily provided by private vehicles. Thus, you have the chance to go to the plateau with a caravan as well as a private vehicle.

Kozak Plateau, which has gained a reputation for its grapes and wine as well as pine nuts since Antiquity, provides the atmosphere you need for both picnic and camping. There is no private enterprise in Kozak Plateau Campground, where you can find every atmosphere you need for camping. For this reason, as you will stay in the region free of charge, you should make your own preparations at the point of need. For this, you can come to the plateau prepared by shopping from the center. We can say that you will get rid of the stress and noise of the metropolitan city in a snap while making a fascinating tent camp under 25-30 meters of trees. In addition, if you want to stay out of sight, you can choose a more secluded area where the vehicle does not reach. However, you should know that wildlife is active in the area at night and you should be careful.

There are many activities that you can try while staying at Kozak Plateau Campground, which has gained a reputation as a highland tourism center. While camping in Kozak Plateau, you can engage in trekking, travel or photography, where you will discover the clean atmosphere of nature. If you come to the region in winter as well as in summer, you can be fascinated by the magnificent view you witness.


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Swimming (River)


Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Caravan park area

Firewood available

Wooded Area