Kilimli Gölü Kamp Alanı

Kilimli Gölü Kamp Alanı



Soğukpınar, Osmangazi/Bursa


One of the popular routes preferred for winter camping in Bursa is Kilimli Lake. Kilimli Lake, which fascinates everyone with its fascinating nature, regardless of summer or winter, has the distinction of being one of the highest points of the Marmara Region. Kilimli Lake, one of the routes before Uludağ summit, can be freezing cold even in summer seasons. For this reason, it is preferred by those who love mountain sports and love winter camping. To arrive at the Kilimli Lake Campground, you have to leave your vehicle at a certain point and continue on foot the rest of the way. Therefore, transportation to Kilimli Lake Campground cannot be provided by public transportation. If you wish, you can set up your tent at the point you want after you arrive at the Kilimli Lake Camping Area, or you can continue the climb to the summit of Uludağ. No matter where you are, we can say that you will feel like you are in a dream with the white snow cover laid out in a lush nature.

You need to come prepared for food and drink and equipment to Kilimli Lake Campground, which is a frequent destination for adventure lovers during the winter season. There are no facilities around Kilimli Lake where you can buy your needs. Therefore, when you bring durable food with you, you can find the comfort you are looking for during the camping period. In addition, there are no areas such as WC, electricity or shower around the lake with a very high altitude. At the point of these needs, you can apply for professional camping experiences. At the Kilimli Lake Campground, phone signal drops may occur due to the altitude. Therefore, you can make a more comfortable winter camp by notifying a location for your acquaintances before coming to the campsite.

You can experience cold weather at any time you prefer, regardless of the season, at the Kilimli Lake Campground. For this reason, you need to have a sleeping bag that is resistant to -10 degrees, a seasonal tent and a pocket stove. In addition, thanks to the convenient location of Kilimli Lake, you can have the chance to spare time for activities such as mountaineering and trekking. We can say that Kilimli Lake Campground will be an indispensable route for you, thanks to its enchanting snow cover, clean atmosphere and suitable structure for winter camping.


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