Kılıçkaya Barajı Kamp Alanı

Kılıçkaya Barajı Kamp Alanı





Kılıçkaya Dam is one of the routes where you can have a peaceful winter camp while feeling the Black Sea climate. Located in the Şebinkarahisar district of Giresun, Kılıçkaya Dam is an escape point for countless visitors in every season of the year with its enchanting air and magnificent nature. Moreover, thanks to the clean oxygen coming from the mountains, you can have a vigorous body while camping around the dam. Transportation to Kılıçkaya Dam, which is 185 km away from the city center, can be easily provided from the center by private vehicle. You can spend productive times where you can relax and find peace in Kılıçkaya Dam Camping Area, which is shown among the natural areas with the furthest location from the city center.

Fishing takes place throughout the year in Kılıçkaya Dam, Giresun's escape route. In addition, electricity is produced in the regional power plants and a large part of the general electricity need of the region is met from the dam. Kılıçkaya Dam, which is of great importance especially with the intense support it has provided to our country regarding electricity supply, also has an unforgettable natural beauty. You can witness a unique natural beauty around the dam, where you can camp for free tents and caravans. At the same time, you can witness the clean atmosphere of the Black Sea with the breezes coming from the great mountains. Although there are many who think that Kılıçkaya Dam is not suitable for winter camping due to the harsh Black Sea cold, you can have a peaceful experience in the region with a quality winter camping equipment. You can even feel the warmth of home around the dam with a tent that is resistant to winter and a sleeping bag suitable for minus degrees. If you are looking for calm and untouched nature especially for winter camping, you can definitely visit Kılıçkaya Dam.

Activities such as trekking and angling are carried out around the Kılıçkaya Dam Camping Area. You can also have fun experiences such as safari during the summer season, as the wildlife is active in the region. Since there is no special facility around the dam, you can get your needs from the city center on your way. You can also light a large campfire in the Kılıçkaya Dam Camping Area, provided that it is controlled to stay warm.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Caravan park area

Firewood available

Wooded Area