Keçi Camping

Keçi Camping

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Behram Köyü Yolu, Behram/Ayvacık/Çanakkale

Private enterprise


You can go to Keçi Camping for a holiday that combines quality with comfort in the heart of Assos. Enchanting guests with its pure oxygen, Keçi Camping is located on the Küçükkuyu-Assos road. In Keçi Camping, known as the table of the sun, you can take on a renewed body while getting rid of the stress you have accumulated throughout the year. Access to Keçi Camping, which is preferred throughout the summer season with its central location, is provided by both public transportation and private vehicles. To come to the facility with your private vehicle, you need to drive approximately 24 minutes from Küçükkkuyu location. After driving 17 km after a 24-minute drive, you can see Keçi Camping on the left side of the road. Although your preference will be for public transportation when coming to the facility, you can use the vehicles that run regularly on the Assos and Küçükkuyu sides.

Keçi Camping, which does not compromise on service quality, offers tent and bungalow accommodation so that guests can reach the first limit of comfort. You can stay in your own tent according to your wishes. Even if you prefer a more luxurious holiday, you can stay in carefully decorated bungalow houses. Keçi Camping's stylish restaurant serves breakfast and dinner in the morning. If you wish, you can satisfy your hunger during the day by tasting the carefully prepared dishes of the restaurant. There is no communal kitchen area at the property. At the same time, fire and barbecue lighting are prohibited in Keçi Camping, which was established in olive groves in order to protect nature. Therefore, while enjoying the silence in a pristine bay, you can also find the opportunity to protect the beauty of nature.

Keçi Camping, where you will have the privilege of camping against the famous Lesbos, is located very close to the sea. Moreover, you can use the sun loungers and umbrellas on the private beach of the facility, included in the accommodation fee. You can do swimming, diving or angling while staying at Keçi Camping, where you will reach magnificent holiday privileges. Moreover, for those who want to explore the various colors of nature, there are areas integrated with nature for trekking and cycling. Therefore, you can find the opportunity to try many summer activities while ridding your body of stress and routine. One of the privileges of Keçi Camping is its clean atmosphere. From the moment you breathe in the facility, you can find the chance to be renewed with the refreshing breeze of olive trees and the smell of the sea. Before you set off for Keçi Camping, you can contact us for various questions.


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