Kargı Yaylası Kamp Alanı

Kargı Yaylası Kamp Alanı



Kargı Yaylası, Kargı/Çorum


Kargı Plateau, the important natural beauty of Çorum, is also among the favorite routes of camping. The magnificent natural beauty in the Kargı region of Çorum is also known as Eğinönü by the locals. Kargı Plateau, where you can find the chance to discover a fascinating oxygen, has a distance of approximately 135 km from Çorum city center. Therefore, you can come to Kargı Plateau with your own vehicle without any difficulty. Kargı Plateau, where you can devote the winter season to a white dream while discovering the miraculous vegetation of nature in the summer, is known as a complete oxygen reservoir. Therefore, thanks to the wide elevations of the region, you can have the opportunity to discover the relaxing oxygen that you cannot find in the city.

In Kargı Plateau, which is seen as an escape route by everyone who is alone with the tiring routines of the city for most of the year, you can find unique opportunities to rest spiritually. You can do yoga on the high route of the region or go for a walk to explore nature, using the peace and quiet as an opportunity. There are different types of trees and small ponds in Kargı Plateau, which hosts a different festival every year. Thus, you can discover hidden natural heritages while camping for a free tent and caravan. When you come to Kargı Plateau Camping Area, you can camp with your tent or caravan under large trees, around a pond or near flowers. Whatever your route, you will be able to feel renewed with the fascinating atmosphere of Kargı Plateau.

We recommend that you come prepared for your needs while staying at the Kargı Plateau Campground, where there is no facilities. You can also get food items such as eating and drinking on the way. There is an opportunity to reach water at Kargı Plateau Camping Area. In addition, you can find barbecue areas where a controlled fire can be lit, and flats suitable for tents and caravans. If you are going for winter camping in Kargı Plateau instead of summer, you should be prepared against the cold by considering the altitudes of the region.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Free camp

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Access to the water

Caravan park area

Firewood available

Water hook-up

Wooded Area