Karaca Dağ Evleri

Karaca Dağ Evleri


0 532 337 40 36

Kirazpınar, Servetiye Cami Köyü, Mah No:37 Yuvacık, Başiskele/Kocaeli

Private enterprise


You can find the traces of a holiday in Izmit where you can leave behind the tiring city routines at Karaca Dag Evleri. Providing service in the Başiskele district of Izmit, the property manages to make your holiday perfect thanks to its fascinating location in nature and comfortable accommodation. Therefore, Karaca Mountain Houses are visited by guests in every season, summer and winter. Karaca Mountain Houses are located 1 hour 45 minutes from Istanbul, 1 hour 10 minutes from Sakarya and 40 minutes from Izmit city center. In this way, transportation to the facility is easily provided from the surrounding locations by private vehicle. Moreover, after entering Karaca Mountain Houses in nature, there are secure parking facilities where you can park your own car.

Accommodation alternatives in Karaca Mountain Houses, which are among the favorite facilities of Izmit, are arranged in a way that does not look like home comfort. You can feel very special on holiday in the bungalow houses for 2-3 and 4 people. There are many services such as beds, wardrobes and lighting in the bungalow houses of Karaca Dag Evleri. In addition, the special bungalow houses, which the facility valued with tree names, were designed in a nostalgic way. In this way, you can catch the friendly holiday atmosphere you are looking for while staying in a nostalgic house in nature. Karaca Dag Evleri offers a restaurant service to meet your daily food and beverage needs. You also have the chance to make the day even more special with the restaurant's delicious meal options.

There are different activities that you can discover while staying in nature at İzmit Karaca Mountain Houses. For this, you can go on a nature walk to discover the unique colors of nature. We also recommend cycling to experience a healing atmosphere. In addition to this, you can also do nature photography to make the different beauties you see unforgettable. Before you set off for Karaca Dag Evleri, we recommend that you contact us for detailed information and to make a reservation.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Cell phone can pick up

Disabled friendly

Dogs welcome

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Private enterprise

Separate space for youth groups

Family campground

Winter camp possible


Access to the water

Electric hook-ups

Hot water

Indoor play facilities

Kids entertainment programme



Tables and benches

Water hook-up


Wooded Area

Car park