Ilıca Plajı Kamp Alanı

Ilıca Plajı Kamp Alanı



Ilıca, Çeşme/İzmir


You can plan a holiday where you can both swim freely and camp at Ilıca Public Beach, which invites you to peace with the blue of Çeşme. Ilıca Beach is shown among the calmest and cleanest beaches pouring into the free waters of the Aegean in Çeşme district of İzmir. You can take a step on a holiday that you will be enchanted by the turquoise sea that combines with the golden yellow and soft sands of the beach. Cesme's most popular Ilica Beach can be reached by both public transport and private vehicles. The ease of transportation of the beach can also cause crowds. You can prefer weekdays to have a quiet and peaceful camp on the beach, where guests flock especially on weekends.

You can get many services for a fee at Ilıca Public Beach, where you can set up a free tent camp. You can pay a fee of 20-25 TL to rent umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach. Likewise, you can benefit from the services in the region for a very small fee for your needs such as WC and toilet. Although the area evokes the concept of a public beach, there are calm and flat areas where you can pitch a tent in the back areas. In this way, you can enjoy swimming in a clean sea during the day and have a quiet sleep at the end of the day. There are also kiosks in the camping area of ​​Ilıca Beach where you can meet your needs such as eating and drinking instantly. However, if you don't want to pay too much for food, you can choose to bring the food with you rather than special buffets and restaurants. For this, you can get durable canned foods from the market when you come with a special vehicle.

The sea of ​​Ilıca Beach is quite shallow. There is also a security service on the beach. In this way, you can enjoy swimming with your family both safely and comfortably. The central location of Ilıca Beach will also allow you to do many activities during the camp. We recommend taking a trip, trekking or cycling to explore the surroundings. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy swimming, diving or angling in the deep blue waters of the Aegean. With its central location on the beach, you will have the opportunity to explore areas such as Çeşme center, Çeşme Castle, Ayıos Haralambos Church, Alaçatı, Çeşme thermal springs and Eşek Island. You can also bring a camera to immortalize many memories on every trip you make during the camp.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Dogs welcome

Free camp

Permanent camping

Family campground


Can pitch a tent



Electric hook-ups

Firewood available


Hot water




Tables and benches

Water hook-up


Wooded Area

Car park