Havuzlar Kafe-Kamp

Havuzlar Kafe-Kamp


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Kilitbahir Köyü Havuzlar Mevkii, Eceabat/Çanakkale

Private enterprise


For a camping experience where you will discover the blue in Eceabat, Çanakkale, you can visit the Pools Café-Camp facility. The facility, which serves as a sister business with Zeytinlik Tent Camping and Picnic Place in Eceabat district, is located in Kilitbahir Village, Havuzlar Mevkii. The camping area, which has only one road between it and the sea, can be easily reached from the surrounding routes. The facility, which serves as a cafe-camp, has a transportation time of 3 hours 26 minutes to Balıkesir, 1 hour 23 minutes to Çanakkale and 15 minutes to the town center of Eceabat. In this way, when you set off from the surrounding provinces and districts, you can reach the facility in a short time without wasting time. The fact that the Pools Cafe-Camp facility is located on the Kilitbahir route also makes sea transportation possible. In this way, you can come to Kilitbahir by using the sea ferry on the way to the facility and provide transportation in a short time.

After arriving at the pearl of Eceabat, the Pools Cafe-Camp facility, you can set up your own tent at various points. Thanks to the unique location of the spot where you will set up your personal tent, both in the shade and in front of the view, you can feel very comfortable and pleasant during your camping holiday. You can also meet with various service opportunities at the Pools Cafe-Camp facility, where you can collect camping memories in the fascinating atmosphere of Çanakkale. Thanks to the cafe operation of the business, you can make up for your daily deficiencies from the facility or make your meal preferences ready-made. In the same way, you can prepare a meal yourself and eat it with your family on the table-chairs against the view. In addition, you can meet with hot water, shower, electricity connection, common sitting area and parking services that will make you comfortable throughout the camp at the Pools Cafe-Camp facility.

You can spend time with various summer activities at the Pools Cafe-Camp facility, which provides service at a unique point by the sea. For this, you can first swim in the deep blue Çanakkale sea or participate in diving activities to discover the underwater beauties. You can also continue your daily hobbies at the camp by angling. At the point where you want to explore the green atmosphere with a deep blue sea, you can go for nature walks or explore the route by cycling in the district. We recommend that you contact the Pools Cafe-Camp facility for comprehensive information before you set off.


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Private enterprise

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