Habitat Mesire Yerleri (Yedigöller)

Habitat Mesire Yerleri (Yedigöller)


+90 850 241 15 81

Yedigöller Yolu, Merkeşler/Yığılca/Düzce


Private enterprise


You can visit Habitat Recreation Areas to camp in the Yığılca district of Düzce and the Yedigöller National Park. Providing service in Yedigöller National Park, the facility manages to appeal to its guests who want to find peace in the forest. You can have the opportunity to discover the peaceful colors of nature all year long at Habitat Recreation Areas, which serves as the only private facility in Yedigöller. Transportation to the private facility, which is located on the magnificent route of nature, is easily provided by vehicle. Moreover, the facility has a driving distance of 3 hours and 40 minutes to Istanbul. Therefore, you can use the Northern Marmara or Anatolian Highway when coming by private vehicle. After arriving at the Promenade, you can safely leave your car in the parking lot in nature.

Various alternatives have been considered for guests to stay at Habitat Recreation Areas, which is the frequent destination of Yedigöller in nature. Therefore, you can set up your own tent in the facility as well as stay in bungalow houses that are carefully decorated. The bungalow structures of the facility are divided into different categories as Pythagorean Evler, Nazlı Ev and Serin Ev. Therefore, you can choose the structure you want according to your accommodation preference. While staying at Habitat Recreation Areas, you can find quality services for your daily habits while enjoying nature around Yedigöller. For this, you can visit the facility's centers called Habitat Restaurant or Squirrel Cafe. While you can meet with a wide selection of beverages reaching up to third generation world coffees in the cafe, you can find delicious choices such as village breakfast, barbecue, grill and bread in the restaurant.

You can explore many activities at Habitat Promenade, located in the most beautiful colors of nature. While staying in a private facility, you can trek on the oxygen-rich roads leading to the heart of nature. Likewise, you can take unique nature photos on a waterfall that you reach by passing through the pathways. At Habitat Recreation Areas, where you can witness 7 beautiful lakes, you can have the opportunity to explore the observation deck, laughing rocks, wild animals or hundreds of tree and plant species. You can also try cycling, yoga and sightseeing activities at the resort. Before you set off for Habitat Recreation Areas, you can contact us to resolve any question marks.


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