Green Hill Glamping

Green Hill Glamping

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İlmiye Mah. İlmiye Köyü İç Yolu 1. Sok. 10/1, Sapanca/Sakarya

Private enterprise


You can spend unique time connecting with nature at Green Hill Glamping facility. You will be able to stay alone with a fascinating experience where you can find the comfort of home in Green Hill, located at the foot of the Samanlı Mountains. You can greet every morning with the peaceful harmony of bird sounds at Green Hill Glamping, which provides uninterrupted service in all seasons of the year. Green Hill, which has been restored with the theme of "love", has a distance of approximately 2.5 km from the city center. You can go on city tours during the day or take a peaceful journey into the depths of nature in the facility, where transportation is provided by private vehicle due to its location in a mountainous region. You will be able to see that Green Hill Glamping, where you will have a fascinating time in front of Sapanca Lake, has been carefully designed for your dream vacation.

Green Hill Glamping, where you can have a luxurious stay against Sapanca Lake, has Glamping tents designed with the Dome concept. In Dome houses, each of which is enriched with interesting design elements, you can meet with facilities such as lighting, hammocks, sitting groups, tables, stoves, air conditioners, beds, pillows and quilts. Thanks to the transparent front panel of the Dome Glamping houses, you can greet each morning with the fascinating view of Sapanca Lake. Green Hill's private Glamping tents have a patio section and pool in front of them. Thanks to the heated texture of the pool, you can meet your luxury preferences in a very comfortable way. You can easily prepare your own meals in Sapanca Green Hill Glamping Dome houses with an electric stove, kettle and coffee machine, cooking pans and utensils, plates, cutlery and mugs. You can also light your own fire or barbecue and barbecue at the fire pits in front of each house. Moreover, you do not pay an extra fee for barbecue and barbecue, and you can also benefit from free tea and coffee facilities.

You can spare time for activities where you can feel good both mentally and physically at the Green Hill Glamping facility, which promises unforgettable holiday memories on a fascinating route. During the day, you can do photography to relax your soul, go for a walk or do your own yoga in the garden specially reserved for each Dome house. At Green Hill Glamping, where you can feed your soul as well as your mind, you can get rid of the tiring atmosphere of the city and meet with the details of romantic accommodation. Children aged 0-6 can stay free of charge. You can contact us for detailed information about the services and current price policy of the facility.


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Swimming (Pool)




Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Dogs welcome

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Private enterprise

Family campground



Winter camp possible


Access to the water

Cooking facilities

Electric hook-ups

Firewood available

Hot water


Outdoor pool


Tables and benches

Water hook-up


Wooded Area

Dishwashing area

Car park