Gıynap Koyu Kamp Alanı

Gıynap Koyu Kamp Alanı





You will be able to feel free and peaceful in the Gıynap Bay camping area, which is approximately 34 km from Datça town center. Gıynap Bay is located at the end of the road in Datça before arriving at the Ancient City of Knidos. If you are going to the region by private car or public transportation, you have to go up to the Knidos road and walk the remaining road. If you are coming with your private vehicle, you can leave the vehicle on the road and continue on foot. If you want to reach the bay more easily, you can come to the region by boat tours. The limited means of transportation to Gıynap Bay provide a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, especially for tent camping. If you are in favor of silence in the camp, you can turn your direction to Gıynap Bay.

You will be able to stay alone with an exquisite view in the region that sees Kos and İncirli Islands. Moreover, the bay sea has a unique clarity reminiscent of an aquarium. You can eliminate the negative emotions accumulated in your body while swimming in the sea that seems almost to the bottom. The coastal part of the charming bay consists of a narrow structure and stony ground. You can safely set up your tent in the flat area located at the end of the beach. There are no private businesses or facilities around the camping area, where you will find a peaceful accommodation. Therefore, you have to meet the basic needs such as daily food and beverage with your own means. In this way, you also gain a professional camping experience.

There are many activities you can do around the camping area, which combines a unique sea and magnificent nature. If you want to be alone with yourself, you can do yoga in the area or read your favorite book in front of a magnificent view. If you want to explore the surroundings, you can take a trip or try trekking. If you want to explore the magnificent sea, you should definitely try activities such as swimming and diving. Do not forget that you have to meet all kinds of needs such as eating and drinking on the way, as there are no businesses around the free camping area.


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15°/13° C


Thu (22.Feb)

16°/15° C


Fri (23.Feb)

17°/16° C


Sat (24.Feb)

17°/16° C


Sun (25.Feb)

14°/14° C


Mon (26.Feb)

14°/14° C


Tue (27.Feb)

14°/13° C


Wed (28.Feb)


Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent


Wooded Area