Gerence Koyu Kamp Alanı

Gerence Koyu Kamp Alanı



Balıklıova, Urla/İzmir


You can choose Gerence Bay to have a camping holiday at a point that fascinates with its deep blue sea and golden sandy beach. The famous Gerence Bay, which manages to fascinate those who see it at first sight, is located on the Ildır road direction of Çeşme. If you want to come to the region where you can set up a free tent camp, you can reach the bay by continuing on the coastal road, passing Narlıca and Ildır. If you are going to use public transportation for transportation, you can prefer minibuses running in the direction of Ildır-Balıkova. You can get off the minibus on the Gerece Bay road and reach the campsite after approximately 5 minutes of walking.

You can set up a free tent camp around Gerence Bay, where you will not want to go back home with its unique view. However, there are no private businesses or facilities to meet your needs in Gerence Bay. For this reason, you need to meet many of your needs by adhering to professional camping experiences. It is also forbidden to light fires and barbecues in Gerence Bay. Therefore, before you go to the campsite, you should know that you cannot light a fire and come prepared. While staying in Gerence Bay, you can go to Palamutbükü, which is 20 minutes away by walking and 5 minutes by car, to meet your basic needs such as eating and drinking. Although it is not possible to light a fire in the bay, it is free to use the tube. In this way, you can cook the foods you bought from the market in Palamutbükü or brought from home on the tube.

There are also many activities in Gerence Bay, where you can set up a free tent camp. You can do yoga or meditation in the first hours of the morning in the region, which is integrated with the magnificent view of nature. You can also go trekking or cycling to heal your soul with a unique oxygen. Before you set off to camp towards Gerence Bay, you should remember that there are no private businesses in the area and you should come prepared.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Dogs welcome

Free camp

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent


Wooded Area