Gemleyik Koyu Kamp Alanı

Gemleyik Koyu Kamp Alanı



Adrasan, Kumluca/Antalya


One of the areas where you will get away from the noise of the city during your stay is Gemleyik Bay. Located between Akseki and Genoese Bay within the borders of Adrasan district, this region allows you to collect many memories that will not be forgotten for a long time from the moment you step in with its untouched nature. Gemleyik Bay Campground, which has managed to remain untouched for many years, is not known to many people. This makes the area as calm and untouched as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach Gemleyik Bay, which is formed by very hard and steep slopes, by road. However, if you are a trekking lover or a professional mountaineer, you can choose the land route. Access to Adrasan Gemleyik Bay is easily provided by sea. For this, you can choose a boat tour from the coastlines of Adrasan and visit the Gemleyik region along with many coves. You can set up your tent in a secluded area that you find during your visit.

Gemleyik Bay, the hidden paradise of Adrasan, does not come out directly even at the map location. You will be able to stay alone with the relaxing atmosphere of nature while getting away from the exhausting noise of the city in the bay, which has remained quite untouched. Therefore, there is almost no opportunity for your personal needs in Gemleyik Bay Campground. For this reason, you need to be prepared, especially in matters such as clean water and eating and drinking. Another thing to keep in mind when camping in a tent in Gemleyik Bay is the telephone signal. Unfortunately, there is no phone reception in the camp area. For this reason, if you are going to set up a tent camp for a day or stay for a long time, you should definitely provide the location information before your stay.

You will be able to find interesting trekking routes in the region while having the chance to swim in a deep blue sea in Gemleyik Bay, which reflects a hidden face of nature. You can explore the bay with a water and food you take with you. If you want to stay for the day, you can come to the region with boat tours and return with the tour that will come the next day. For this, we strongly recommend that you contact the boat captain. We can say that the opportunities that Gemleyik Bay has been deprived of will be forgotten soon next to a natural wonder you will witness. You can do nature photography to make the many natural beauties you witness permanent. Before coming to Adrasan Gemleyik Bay Campground, you should not forget to report your location. You can also have a light source with you.


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