Gelidonya Feneri Kamp Alanı

Gelidonya Feneri Kamp Alanı



Mavikent, Yeşilköy/Kumluca/Antalya


Gelidonya Lighthouse is one of the regions where you will witness an unprecedented view. The Gelidonya Lighthouse, which has the distinction of being the highest lighthouse in Turkey with an altitude of 227 meters, is located within the borders of Adrasan in Antalya's Kumluca district. Therefore, transportation is provided from both Adrasan and Kumluca Karaöz directions to the camping area, where you can collect wonderful memories. There is a distance of approximately 8 km between Fener and Karaöz. If you wish, you can walk the remaining 2 km after you have covered 6 km of the road by car. Another alternative to going to Gelidonya Lighthouse is from Adrasan Yolu. You can reach Gelidonya Lighthouse when you follow the Lycian Way track of approximately 15 km starting from Adrasan. However, if you have not done trekking before, you need to set out with the right equipment, knowing that this road is very tiring and grueling. For this, you can bring cold water, shoes that protect your ankles, and light foods.

On the way to Gelidonya Lighthouse, you will see the water source after 13 km. For this reason, you should definitely take extra water with you when you go. You can find free routes where you can set up a tent in Gelidonya Lighthouse, which you reach as a result of long roads. After you set up your tent here, you can witness a fascinating nature view, perhaps unlike anything you've ever witnessed before. After finding a comfortable spot for a tent, you will be able to witness bright stars with your naked eye at Gelidonya Feneri Campground. You can also observe fascinating routes such as Sulu Ada and American Bay during the walk. While coming to Gelidonya Feneri Campground, you should know that there is no phone pickup around the lighthouse and at the camp stop. For this reason, you can give a location notification to your acquaintances before coming.

At the Gelidonya Feneri Campground, where you will meet the fascinating eye of nature, you can spare time for activities such as trekking that will keep your body vigorous. You can also meditate in a secluded and intertwined position with nature. After traveling a long way at the Gelidonya Feneri Campground, where you will be renewed both physically and spiritually, you will be able to be alone with an unforgettable nature view. You can also witness various plant species on the paths you have walked. You can also do nature photography to immortalize the beauties you see on a walk that will feed your adventurous spirit. Before you set off for the Gelidonya Feneri Campground, you should know that there are no telephones and no facilities in the area.


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