Esenbahçe Kamp Alanı

Esenbahçe Kamp Alanı

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Ballıöz, Ballıöz Köyü Yolu, Antakya/Hatay

Private enterprise


For a camping experience where you will discover the natural life in Hatay's Antakya district, you can set out for the Esenbahçe Campground. The camp facility, which provides service in the direction of Ballıöz in Antakya, is located on the edge of the creek and in a wooded area. In this way, you can find the chance to spend time with the unique resources of nature during the day. Esenbahçe Campground has a distance of 6.9 km to the city center of Hatay. Thus, when you set off from the city center by private car, you can reach the facility after a 15-minute drive. Likewise, after entering the Antakya district from the surrounding locations, you can reach the campsite at the end of a short driving distance by using Çekmece Street. After reaching the Esenbahçe Camping Area, where you will have a magical time with its lush nature, you can safely leave your personal vehicle at the special parking spot reserved for the guests.

You can make a peaceful tent camp at the Esenbahçe Campground, which continues its services in the healing nature of Antakya. While staying in specially reserved sections for guests to set up tents, you can feel very comfortable thanks to the comprehensive services. In Esenbahçe Campground, facilities such as WC, shower, kitchen, refrigerator, lighting and common living area are included in the accommodation price you have given. You can also include organic products such as salted yoghurt, breakfast cheese, pomegranate syrup and olive oil specific to the Hatay region in your meals in the facility where you can have a comfortable stay. Thanks to the nature of the facility, chickens, roosters and dogs live inside. While camping in the same environment with friendly creatures, you can spend time in isolation from city life and adapt to nature life.

Antakya Esenbahçe Campground, located by the creek, offers many activities that offer the opportunity to explore nature. To experience the nature of Antakya, the paradise of green, you can take walks, ride a bike or photograph the species you see. In addition, if you want to spend time within the boundaries of the camp, you can read your favorite book under the trees or enjoy the hammock. We recommend that you contact us to get seasonal information before you set off for the Esenbahçe Campground.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Disabled friendly

Dogs welcome

In the mountains

Mini campsite

Private enterprise

Family campground


Can pitch a tent


Access to the water

Cooking facilities

Electric hook-ups


Hot water



Tables and benches

Water hook-up


Wooded Area

Dishwashing area

Car park