Erzurum Yedigöller Kamp Alanı

Erzurum Yedigöller Kamp Alanı





One of the untouched beauties of Erzurum is Yedigöller Campground. Erzurum Yedigöller, which is often confused with the Yedigöller region of Bolu, is located on the border of Rize. Yedigöller, which is approximately 200 km away from Erzurum city center, is located within the borders of İspir district. Therefore, it is possible to say that Yedigöller is the closest point of Erzurum to the Black Sea Region. Access to Yedigöller Campground, where you can feel the sharp cold of Erzurum while exploring a lush nature, can be provided by private vehicle. In order to come to Yedigöller, which is located at a very opposite point, by private car, you have to get off at one point and continue on foot the rest of the way. Therefore, you can find a nature and atmosphere that appeals to your love of camping in Yedigöller, the hidden paradise of Erzurum.

Erzurum Yedigöller Camping Area, blended with the balanced harmony of nature, becomes a frequent destination for travelers on their trips between Rize and Erzurum. Moreover, when nature lovers visit the region, it is possible to spare time for sports that they may be interested in such as climbing, angling or trekking. Thanks to the location of Yedigöller, you can witness the relaxing atmosphere of the Black Sea while having an exquisite camping experience among the majestic mountains. Moreover, we can say that this camp will help you heal both physically and spiritually. There are no private businesses around Erzurum Yedigöller Campground. Therefore, you need to come to Yedigöller prepared in order not to be deprived of your needs during the camping period. To protect yourself from the intense cold of Erzurum, you can bring a cold-resistant tent, sleeping bag, pocket stove, thermos and lighting.

Erzurum Yedigöller Campground hosts fascinating views as well as many activities it offers to visitors. Therefore, you can immortalize many beauties with a camera while camping in Yedigöller. We can say that you can try both a pleasant spring activity and a winter camp that will keep your dose of adventure high in Erzurum Yedigöller Campground, which is flooded by visitors in all seasons of the year.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Firewood available

Wooded Area