Erciyes Çobanini Kamp Alanı

Erciyes Çobanini Kamp Alanı



Hisarcık Erciyes, Melikgazi/Kayseri


Erciyes Çobanini Campground is one of the regions where you can make a winter camp while experiencing nature sports. Erciyes Çobanini Campground, located approximately 25 km from the center of Kayseri, is frequently preferred by adventure lovers who love nature sports such as climbing and camping. When you go to the region, especially in the winter season when there is heavy snowfall, you can both set up your tent on a white cover and try many sports on the slopes of the mountain. Transportation to Erciyes Çobanini Campground is provided only by private vehicles. Moreover, on the way to the region, you can leave your vehicle on a flat spot and continue the rest of the way by yourself.

Erciyes Çobanini Campground, which is covered with a white blanket, does not belong to any private enterprise and there are no facilities around it. For this reason, when you come to the region especially for camping, you have to meet many needs with your own means. In addition to basic needs such as toilets, you can bring durable foods with you for eating and drinking needs. The Çobanini Campground, which you can choose while climbing Mount Erciyes, has an abnormally cold degree compared to many regions. For this reason, you can purchase equipment such as a winter-proof tent, a sleeping bag suitable for at least -10 degrees, and a pocket stove in order not to get cold while setting up your tent in the region.

Çobanini Campground, where you can stay on your Erciyes summit climbing adventure, has a free feature. Therefore, no fee is charged for tent accommodation from any camper in the region, especially during the winter season. This makes the region as free as possible. If you go to Erciyes Çobanini Campground during the winter season, we definitely recommend you to climb. You can also do photography to make the earth covered with a white blanket immortal as you reach the summit of Erciyes.


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