Düldül Dağı Kamp Alanı

Düldül Dağı Kamp Alanı





One of the convenient natural routes you can go for the winter sports you love is Düldül Mountain. Duldul Mountain, which you must see with its majestic rock pieces and frightening silhouette at first glance, is located within the borders of Osmaniye. Düldül Mountain, from which you can reach the center of Kahramanmaraş in approximately 110 km, is seen as one of the most important elevations of the region. Therefore, it is possible to say that natural beauty is a popular tourism center. You can go to Düldül Mountain, which has an altitude of approximately 2000 meters, by minibuses from the Düziçi district of Osmaniye, or you can reach it by your private vehicle by departing from Kahramanmaraş. While coming to Düldül Mountain with your own vehicle, you can proceed from Düziçi exit on Adana Gaziantep highway. As you continue towards the north, you will see the foothills of the famous mountain before you.

Duldul Mountain, which is among the unique beauties of Turkey, is frequently visited by nature lovers for mountaineering. At the same time, the paths at the foot of the mountain offer a convenient opportunity for trekking activities. While reaching the summit of Düldül Mountain was only possible with climbing in the past years, a cable car has been built recently. Therefore, even when you are not climbing, you have the chance to reach the top of the mountain thanks to the cable car. The easy accessibility of Düldül Mountain makes it possible to camp as well as tents. Thus, you can camp in tents and caravans at Duldul Mountain Camping Area without having to pay a fee.

You can engage in many relaxing activities such as trekking, climbing, mountaineering, sightseeing, camping and yoga at the Düldül Mountain Campground, which impresses you at first sight with its enchanting beauty. According to a legend, the name of Düldül Mountain, which carries the legacy of a natural beauty, is Hz. It comes from Ali's horse. Hz. Ali's horse, Düldül, passed through this region and left its footprint. Then the name of a fascinating mountain gained importance as Mount Düldül. When you go to Düldül Mountain Campground, you can encounter a cold atmosphere even if it is summer or spring. For this reason, you should definitely get comprehensive equipment when going camping, especially in the winter season.


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