Domaniç Dağları Kamp Alanı

Domaniç Dağları Kamp Alanı





One of the favorite routes of campers, regardless of summer or winter, is the Domaniç Mountains. Located within the borders of Kütahya and Bursa, the Domaniç Mountains are among the popular routes where you can get away from the tiring city routines and take a breath of fresh air. Therefore, regardless of the season you go to the Domaniç Mountains Campground, you can be refreshed by discovering plenty of oxygen accompanied by a fascinating view. The Domaniç Mountains Campground, which has an enchanting beauty that will resemble a postcard, is located on the İnegöl-Tavşanlı road. Therefore, you can use private vehicles and public transportation to reach the region. When coming by private vehicle, you should proceed in the direction of Tavşanlı and after passing the district center, you should head towards İnegöl. You can also choose the minibuses that run between Kütahya and İnegöl when coming to the Domaniç Mountains. However, if you come to the Domaniç Mountains in the winter season, using a minibus can be quite challenging. In addition, you should definitely wear the tire chain when you come to the free camping area by private vehicle.

There are no businesses or facilities around the Domaniç Mountains Campground, which promises the campers stunning landscapes. For this reason, you may need to meet the needs such as WC with your own means. We also recommend that you come prepared for eating and drinking needs. In the Domaniç Mountains Camping Area, the signal strength of the phone drops to almost zero. Therefore, as you cannot communicate, your connection to the internet is also disconnected. For this reason, before setting up a free tent camp at the Domaniç Mountains Camping Area, you can notify your relatives while on the road. We can say that you can make a relaxing tent camp in the Domaniç Mountains Camping Area with its scenic opportunity, convenient transportation route and pristine location, where you can retreat spiritually.

Domaniç Mountains Camping Area also offers many activities for campers during both summer and winter seasons. If you go to the Domaniç Mountains in summer and spring, you can spare time for activities such as ATV, motocross, photography and mountain biking. In addition, we can say that the magnificent view you witness when you go to the region in the winter season will offer you the opportunity to photograph. Before you set off for the Domaniç Mountains Camping Area, where you can set up a free tent camp, you should give a location notification to your acquaintances and procure camping equipment that is resistant to abnormal cold in the winter season.


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