Dikili Karagöl Kamp Alanı

Dikili Karagöl Kamp Alanı



Denizköy, Dikili/İzmir


When you get bored of the city noise, you can go to Karagöl for a peaceful camp. Located within the borders of Dikili district of İzmir, Karagöl has become an untouched beauty as a result of volcanic events. Getting to Karagöl, known for its generosity in natural beauties, is somewhat problematic. To reach Karagöl Camping Area, you first need to head towards Denizköy. Then you can follow the map direction and come towards Karagöl. However, even if you come by car, you have to walk the remaining 2 km. You can collect fascinating memories by encountering volcanic rocks on the way you walk. As this is the case, visits to the region in the summer season are also very few. Therefore, if your expectation from a camping holiday is silence and calmness, you should definitely add Dikili Karagöl to your route.

Dikili Karagöl, where you will be fascinated by the beauty of a lush nature, does not belong to any camping establishment. Therefore, there are no facilities at the point of meeting your needs during your tent camp. While camping in Dikili Karagöl, you can come prepared in order not to be deprived of your needs. We especially recommend that you have water and durable foods with you. We can say that the beauty you will witness after you come to the bay is worth every difficulty. Especially the clean atmosphere of the region will help your body to stay vigorous. The bad road to Dikili Karagöl, where you can camp for free, also makes the caravan camp invalid. For this reason, we recommend that you do not enter the difficult road with a caravan.

You can do many activities that will make you feel good both physically and spiritually in the Dikili Karagöl Camping Area, which fascinates with its untouched beauty. We definitely recommend trekking around the lake, which reflects the most beautiful shade of green. At the same time, you can do yoga and meditation by taking the silence as an opportunity to rest your soul in the region. Before you set off for the Dikili Karagöl Camping Area, you should go carefully, knowing that the roads are bad in the direction of going.


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18°/16° C


Mon (22.Apr)

21°/18° C


Tue (23.Apr)

19°/17° C


Wed (24.Apr)

16°/15° C


Thu (25.Apr)

16°/15° C


Fri (26.Apr)

18°/17° C


Sat (27.Apr)

18°/17° C


Sun (28.Apr)


Swimming (River)


Campfire permitted

Cell phone can pick up

Dogs welcome

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent


Firewood available

Wooded Area