Davraz Dağı Kamp Alanı

Davraz Dağı Kamp Alanı



Çobanisa/Isparta Merkez/Isparta


You can camp with a white blanket on Davraz Mountain in Isparta. Davraz Mountain Camping Area, located 26-30 km southeast of Isparta city center, is one of the popular areas preferred by adventure lovers who are especially fond of winter camping when the snow season comes. When you set off from Isparta city center, you can reach Davraz Ski Center after a 25-minute drive. Afterwards, you can reach the plain at an altitude of 1944 meters and continue on foot to set up your tent. Also, if you don't want to walk too much, you can use the chairlift. The area you reach and camp in is called the “Rural Highland”. Before you set up your tent at the point declared as a military zone, you can get permission by contacting the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism in order not to encounter any difficulties.

In Davraz Mountain Campground, which is popularly called Davras, you can witness a white beauty that you can not get rid of for a long time. Moreover, Davraz Ski Center has many opportunities to meet your basic needs. In this way, you can feel very comfortable as long as you prepare your equipment completely during the camping period. When camping in Davraz Mountain Camping Area, you should take into account that the region can be quite cold compared to normal. For this reason, you can bring with you a sleeping bag that is resistant to negative temperatures, a winter-resistant tent, heating materials and thick clothes. At the point where you provide the necessary equipment, we can say that you can make an unforgettable tent camp at Davraz Mountain Camping Area.

Davraz Mountain Campground, the fascinating route of Isparta, becomes a favorite especially during the winter season. On the popular route, besides camping, you can also focus on activities such as trekking, skiing and sightseeing. Moreover, we can say that you can gather energy by witnessing a magnificent nature view at the point where you get tired. Before you set off for the Davraz Mountain Camping Area, we recommend that you inform the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism about the area where you will set up a free camp and obtain the necessary permission.


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13°/10° C


Mon (22.Apr)

18°/12° C


Tue (23.Apr)

19°/13° C


Wed (24.Apr)

18°/11° C


Thu (25.Apr)

16°/12° C


Fri (26.Apr)

19°/14° C


Sat (27.Apr)

20°/14° C


Sun (28.Apr)




Campfire permitted

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Access to the water

Electric hook-ups

Firewood available


Hot water



Tables and benches

Water hook-up

Wooded Area