Cangara Kamping

Cangara Kamping

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Rüstempaşa, Beypazarı-Karaşar Yolu, Beypazarı/Ankara

Private enterprise


You can set out for Cangara Camping facility to collect camping memories where you can find peace in the lush green face of nature. Located in the Beypazarı district of Ankara, the facility is located on the Rüstempaşa locality and Beypazarı-Karaşar Road. Therefore, from the moment you step inside the facility, you can get away from the city life and enjoy an isolated nature life. Cangara Camping facility has a transportation time of 4 hours 26 minutes to Istanbul, 2 hours 36 minutes to Eskişehir, 1 hour 18 minutes to Ankara and approximately 6 minutes to Beypazarı district center. When you set off with your personal vehicle from Ankara city center or Beypazarı district, you can easily reach the facility by using the Beypazarı-Karaşar Road direction. In addition, you can reach the facility by vehicles serving in the surrounding area, or you can take advantage of the secure parking facilities after arriving at the facility by private vehicle.

Cangara Camping facility, which is the calm route preferred by families safely in Beypazarı, offers accommodation with tents. Therefore, you can set up your own tent in the specially designated shaded areas of the facility, as well as rent the tent types carefully designed by the facility. You can leave behind the tiring routines of city life while staying in the walking spots, common seating areas and shaded tent areas of Cangara Camping set in a private garden. The facility offers toilet, shower, picnic area, playground, market, common sitting area and many other services so that guests can feel peaceful and comfortable. In this way, you have the chance to enjoy a comfortable picnic activity and camping holiday with your loved ones.

You can spare time for various activities where you can find peace in the Cangara Camping facility, which serves in the unique nature of Beypazarı. You can go for nature walks, ride a bike or do photography to spend time within the boundaries of the facility. You can take a look at İnözü Valley to discover nature at a point close to the camp borders. When you want to spend time outside the borders of the facility and go on a city tour, you can participate in sightseeing activities in the surrounding area. You can enjoy a delicious barbecue activity with your family within the business. We recommend that you contact the Cangara Camping facility for information about service and accommodation before you set off.


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In the mountains

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Private enterprise

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Wooded Area

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