Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Piknik ve Kamp Alanı

Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Piknik ve Kamp Alanı



Çandarlı, Dikili/İzmir


Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Picnic and Camping Area offers a chance to stay in front of a magnificent view. You can enjoy the calmness while setting up your tent in front of a magnificent sea view blended with the thousand and one colors of nature. Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Picnic and Camping Area is located at a distance of approximately 18 km from the Dikili district center. Therefore, when you go to the free camping and picnic area, you can use public transportation and private vehicles. In order to go to the nature wonder camping area with your private vehicle, you must first come to the Dikili district center. After reaching the town center, you should head towards Çandarlı destination via Çandarlı-Dikili Road. Afterwards, you can follow the Kara Halil Paşa Street route and proceed towards Sahil Beach Street. After arriving in the Çandarlı region, you can reach the Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Picnic and Camping Area in a short time. To reach Çandarlı by public transport via the district center, you can choose the bus services running between Dikili Terminal and Çandarlı.

After arriving at Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Picnic and Camping Area, you are faced with an unprecedented view. There are special tables, a walking track and a barbecue area in the area allocated for picnickers. Therefore, while having your picnic during the day, you can sleep in your tent under the stars in the evening. Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Picnic and Camping Area does not have any camping facilities or businesses. Therefore, you need to come prepared for your needs such as WC, shower or eating and drinking. After pitching your tent under a large shady tree in the free camping area, you can enjoy a magnificent sea view or swimming at Çandarlı Public Beach. It is also free to light a fire in the camping area, which is especially preferred by picnickers. However, it is useful to be careful to protect the natural beauties.

Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Picnic and Camping Area offers picnic and free accommodation as well as opportunities for summer activities. You can enjoy swimming, diving or angling on the rocks during the day in the region. You can also take a trip or bike ride to discover the historical texture of the city while making the tent camp for which you do not pay any fee. We can say that a campfire can be very enjoyable against the unique sea view you witness in the region. Before you set off for Çandarlı Cennet Tepe Picnic and Camping Area, we recommend that you come prepared knowing that the area does not belong to any facility.


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28°/21° C


Wed (27.Sep)

26°/21° C


Thu (28.Sep)

26°/22° C


Fri (29.Sep)

26°/22° C


Sat (30.Sep)

25°/22° C


Sun (01.Oct)

26°/22° C


Mon (02.Oct)

25°/20° C


Tue (03.Oct)

24°/20° C


Wed (04.Oct)


Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Dogs welcome

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Family campground


Can pitch a tent


Firewood available


Wooded Area