Çamlıkoy Sahili Kamp Alanı

Çamlıkoy Sahili Kamp Alanı



Akbük, Didim/Aydın


You can set up a peaceful tent camp in the evening while enjoying the sea during the day on the beach where Çamlıkoy Sitesi is located. The beach, which is generally preferred by the residents, welcomes guests from different regions, especially in the summer season. No matter which side of the beach you go, you can cool off under the shade of lush pine trees. Moreover, you can set up your tent on these refreshing canopy. Access to Camlikoy Beach, located in the Çamlık district of Didim, is provided by public transportation and private vehicles. To reach the free camping area by public transport, you can take the minibuses going from Akbük center to Çamlıkoy direction. If you are going to come by private vehicle, you have to arrive in Akbuk first. You can reach the area in a short time by following the coastal road. There is a free car park in the area where you can park your private car.

Camlikoy Beach does not belong to a private enterprise. Therefore, there is no area where you can meet basic needs such as WC or shower. However, there are solutions for food and beverage needs. There are snack products to fill your stomach in the cafeteria located around the site. There is also a market nearby. At this point, you can buy snacks according to your desire or bring durable foods with you. The sea of ​​the Camlikoy Beach camping area has an eye-catching clarity. However, after taking a few steps in the sea, you can feel it deepening. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful. On the ground, there are sea urchins and stony areas. Therefore, we recommend that you bring sea shoes with you when you come to the camping area.

There are many activities you can try while camping in a free tent and caravan on Camlikoy Beach. Moreover, thanks to these experiences, you can rest both your body and mind. We recommend you to swim and dive in the magnificent sea of ​​Camlikoy. You can also try angling near the area. While discovering the magnificent texture of the Aegean, you can trekking to get a taste of the clean atmosphere. Before you set off towards Camlikoy Beach for a camping holiday where you can relax, you should know that the region is not a private enterprise and you should come prepared.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Charcoal grill allowed

Dogs welcome

Free camp

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent



Caravan park area

Firewood available


Wooded Area