Çamkoru Tabiat Parkı Kamp Alanı

Çamkoru Tabiat Parkı Kamp Alanı


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Alakoç, Çamlıdere/Ankara

Private enterprise


You can go to Çamkoru Nature Park Campground for a comfortable and enjoyable experience where you will discover nature in Ankara. While you have the chance to experience many activities in the nature park established in a lush nature, you can meet with comfortable accommodation opportunities. Çamkoru Nature Park Camping Area has a transportation distance of 111 km, that is, 1 and a half hours, between Ankara and Ankara. You can also reach Çamkoru Nature Park Campground at the end of a 12 km drive through Çamlıdere district center. You can reach the park in a short time by private car, which is located in the old Bolu - Ankara state highway region. Even if you prefer public transportation to reach the facility, you can reach the area with the Çamlıdere shuttles departing from the Old Terminal area. You can also come to Çamlıdere region with Kızılcahamam buses and hire a taxi for the rest of the way.

In Çamkoru Nature Park Camping Area, different accommodation alternatives are offered to guests. First of all, you can set up your own tent to discover an unprecedented oxygen in the middle of lush trees. Moreover, you can welcome every morning with the chirping of birds and a unique atmosphere. Even if your preference is for an accommodation that will not look like home comfort, you can rent the three-bed bungalow houses of the facility. Finally, for short-term stays, you can stay in the guesthouse of the park. You can also meet with various services at Camkoru Nature Park Campground, which offers many accommodation alternatives for campers. In the park, you can find hot water, fountain, kiosk, walking track, common seating areas, viewpoint and parking facilities.

There are also many activities you can try at Camkoru Nature Park Campground. You can find areas such as a playground, hiking trail and scenic view point in Çamkoru Nature Park Camping Area, which is designed for all campers from 7 to 70 to have a pleasant time. You can also go on a bicycle tour to discover the eye-catching colors of nature. We also recommend carrying a camera to record the natural beauties you see. Before you set off for Çamkoru Nature Park Campground, you can contact us for comprehensive information.

Images: 1. Gözde Karabulut, 2. Mehmet Öksüz, 3. Oziilem, 4. Ergül Kurt, 5. Berkay Genç, 6. Ali Rıza Kayhan, 7. Ahmet Sahan


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