Bülbülan Yaylası Kamp Alanı

Bülbülan Yaylası Kamp Alanı



Bülbülan Geçidi, Geçitli/Ardanuç/Artvin


Bülbülan Plateau is one of the places where you can experience camping while resting on the outskirts of nature. Bülbülan Plateau, which is flooded with visitors every season of the year, is located at the border point of Artvin and Ardahan. According to its map location, the plateau, which is located in the Geçitli district of Artvin's Ardanuç district, has a very high altitude level. Therefore, Bülbülan creates a visual feast for the campers and tourists who come to visit. It is possible to reach Bülbülan Plateau, which is approximately 40 km away from Ardahan city center, by private vehicle and personal caravan. Therefore, you can reach the plateau, where you can camp for free, from the city center of Artvin, about 76 km, that is, in a time of 1 and a half hours.

Bülbülan Plateau got its name from a nightingale that was hidden in the inns in the past. In the past, an innkeeper hid the nightingale in a cage. In time, when people went to inns, “Where are you going?” He replied to those who asked, "I am going to Nightingale Inn". Therefore, the region took the name Bülbülan Plateau over time. Bülbülan Plateau, where you can make both caravan and tent camping, does not belong to a private facility. In this way, you can camp in the region for free. Although there are no facilities such as toilets and electricity in the Bülbülan Plateau Campground, there are a few facilities where you can eat. In these establishments, you can taste kebab and local cuisine for a fee.

Bülbülan Plateau Campground, which manages to be a frequent destination for tourists in all seasons of the year, is one of the routes where you will discover a clean oxygen as it is located in the Eastern Black Sea Region. In addition, activities such as climbing, picnics, trekking and camping are frequently carried out around the plateau. Before going to the Bülbülan Plateau Campground, where you will feel the Eastern Black Sea climate, we recommend that you take fleece clothes and a cold-resistant tent to protect yourself from the harsh cold.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Caravan park area

Firewood available



Water hook-up

Wooded Area