Bozdağ Uzundere Kamp Alanı

Bozdağ Uzundere Kamp Alanı





Bozdag Uzundere is a region where you can feel the nature of both Erzurum and the Black Sea in Turkey. Bozdag Uzundere Camping Area is located in Uzundere area of ​​Erzurum, which is close to the Black Sea. Therefore, while feeling the intense cold of Erzurum, you have the chance to soak up the healing atmosphere of the Black Sea. Transportation to Bozdağ Uzundere Camping Area, which is approximately 90 km away from Erzurum city center, can only be provided by private vehicles. You can set up a tent at the point you reach when you come to the region by private vehicle, or you can reach further inland areas by walking. Moreover, we can guarantee that you will be fascinated by the small ponds and untouched beauty that you will observe in the interior points you reach on foot.

The blending point of Erzurum and the Black Sea, Bozdağ Uzundere Camping Area is preferred by nature lovers in all seasons. Moreover, the rugged and mountainous structure of the region allows it to host many nature sports. It is also possible to experience activities such as angling, trekking and photography at Bozdağ Uzundere Camping Area, which is a frequent destination for campers and travelers. Bozdağ Uzundere Camping Area does not have any facilities in the region due to its limited transportation and rugged structure. Therefore, during the time you camp in the region, you need to take advantage of the food you brought yourself. In addition, you have to meet the needs such as toilet yourself, you can also come supplied with electricity and water.

Bozdag Uzundere Camping Area, where you can feel both Erzurum and Black Sea air, is also frequently preferred in the winter season. When the lush nature of the region is covered with a white snow cover, it allows you to witness an unforgettable nature view. However, when you visit the region for winter camping, you need to be prepared for freezing temperatures. For this, when you come to Bozdağ Uzundere, you can bring a winter-proof tent, a sleeping bag compatible with minus degrees, a thermos, a pocket stove and fleece clothes. In addition, since you will be in a secluded spot in nature, you can share your location with your loved ones in advance and take a step towards a safe camping experience.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Firewood available

Wooded Area