Bolkar Dağı Kamp Alanı

Bolkar Dağı Kamp Alanı



Değnek, Toroslar/Karaman


You can go to Bolkar Mountain to camp on a beautiful mountain that has been the subject of poems in Turkish literature. Bolkar Mountain, formerly known as the Bulgar Mountains; A unique beauty bordering the provinces of Konya, Niğde and Mersin. Bolkar Mountain, whose highest point is at an altitude of 3,524 meters and which is a tectonic mountain, hosts many small and large lakes such as Karagöl, Çinigöl and Alagöl. In this way, we can say that it fascinates everyone who sees it with its unique view and majestic appearance. You can use your private car up to a point while coming to Bolkar Mountain. However, when you come to the foot of the mountain, you have to leave the vehicle and continue on foot the rest of the way. We can guarantee that the path you will take will definitely be worth the beauty you will see.

Located on the border of Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean region, Mount Bolkar offers the opportunity to experience both climate types on its foothills. In this way, you can witness the permanent traces of a fascinating vegetation on Bolkar Mountain, where you can experience the Black Sea and Mediterranean climates. In the Bolkar Mountain Camping Area, where you can find the chance to set up a free tent, the facility has not yet become active. For this reason, we recommend that you be prepared for camping equipment. Many highlands around the Bolkar Mountain Campground release their herds into a lush nature with the arrival of spring. You can spend precious time in the highland adventure that lasts until winter, where you will also dominate the village life.

On Mount Bolkar, where you can set up a free tent camp, there is an enchanting atmosphere that you cannot discover in city life. In addition, you can spare time for many activities that will make you feel good, thanks to the clean oxygen filtered from the foothills of the mountain. You can take a walk on the convenient paths of the Bolkar Mountain Campground, photograph the magnificent stars reflected in the lake, or do some yoga to relax your soul at the foot of the mountain. You also have the chance to climb to the top of the mountain. If you are going to camp on Bolkar Mountain, where traces of the Black Sea climate can be found, you should definitely go prepared in terms of equipment.


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4°/0° C


Sat (13.Apr)

4°/-1° C


Sun (14.Apr)

7°/2° C


Mon (15.Apr)

10°/4° C


Tue (16.Apr)

10°/4° C


Wed (17.Apr)

8°/3° C


Thu (18.Apr)

8°/3° C


Fri (19.Apr)

7°/2° C


Sat (20.Apr)




Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Firewood available

Wooded Area