Boheme Bungalov Sapanca

Boheme Bungalov Sapanca

0 (546) 598 54 54

Rüstempaşa, Lokmanlar Cd. No:11, Sapanca/Sakarya

Private enterprise


You can direct your route to Boheme Bungalow Sapanca to enjoy a themed holiday at the zero point of Sapanca lake. Boheme Bungalow Sapanca, located in Lokmanlar Caddesi and Rüstempaşa in Sakarya Sapanca, makes both transportation and a nature discovery possible thanks to its convenient location. Located at the zero point of Sapanca lake, the facility is 5 minutes from the center and 3 minutes from the Sapanca beach. Therefore, while you spend your time at the facility during the day, you can also go on trips to the beach or the center. The convenient location of the Boheme Bungalow Sapanca facility also makes transportation very easy. When you set off from Istanbul city center by private vehicle, you can reach the facility by covering a distance of approximately 137 km. For this, you can use the Northern Marmara Motorway or the Anatolian Motorway, which have paid routes. In this way, you can reach the facility in approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by private vehicle. At the same time, you can take the public transportation vehicles moving towards Sapanca center and go to the facility in 5 minutes from the center.

Boheme Bungalow Sapanca facility has 5 bungalow houses located detached in nature. You can find many services at the same time, from jacuzzi to kitchen equipment, in bungalow houses arranged with a bohemian design approach. Moreover, you can feel very comfortable in an isolated environment thanks to the unique peaceful layout of the houses arranged in soft colors. You can enjoy the heated pool in the detached garden of Boheme Bungalow houses, have a barbecue or have pleasant evening conversations with your loved ones. One of the advanced services of the facility is at the food point. In the kitchen of the bungalow houses, there are kitchen utensils such as a tea maker, a Turkish coffee machine, forks, spoons and knives. In addition, you can easily prepare your daily meals thanks to the electric cooker service provided at the facility.

You can find unique time for yourself in Boheme Bungalow Sapanca facility enriched with soft colors. During these times, you can tour the city, ride a bike or go for nature walks. In addition, thanks to the proximity of the facility to the beach, you can witness the unique lake view of Sapanca in the evenings. According to the rules of the facility, pets are not accepted. You can contact the property for many comprehensive service information and reservation details.


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